Best way to respond to text messages

That is where “HAHA” is independent. This perfect little blue pill solves the problems that have always plagued relationships with comedians and jokes. It is no exaggeration to say that this tapback has saved much of my friendship.

I love comedy, but I react to jokes by breaking them down and trying to understand what works, just as my 6-year-old son evaluates toys. I have also never been a “LOL” person, especially when it comes to text. Shows unpleasant performance, such as typing “It hurts!” When you accidentally sit on the car key. I have a deep need for myself bound to all the jokes I try, but it still makes me uneasy when people use “LOL” too generously. The motive feels suspicious, like a transaction compliment. When someone sends multiple “LOLs” in a text thread, I can’t help but think that this person is asking me to board the airport.

For a while I liked the simple “ha”, but through negative feedback I learned to upgrade to a more emotional “ha!”. It felt like a reasonable reaction to the jokes told in the text until the well was poisoned by its intangible series of “HAs”. You’ve seen it, and you probably did it: “hahahahahaha”. It looks good on paper and looks good on text threads, but it’s chaotic. It doesn’t just make “ha!” Suddenly looks patronizing, it sets a terrible new standard because there is no standard. How many “HA” is enough? In any group thread, the “HA” string quickly leads to the following nightmare scenario:

Persona: [JOKE!]

Person B: Hahaha

[A fine response; all is well.]

Person C: Hahahahahahahaha

[Wow, I guess Person B hates jokes!]

Improvising a jazz-like “HA” can make it difficult to track your work and can easily hurt your emotions. Setting the bar too high above a dozen can suggest reduced support at some point in the future, even with one less “HA”.

That is the joy of clean and attractive uniformity of the “HAHA” tapback. The large “HA” and the smaller size below it suggest that it probably no longer comes from. There are no longer competing “HA” strings of various lengths. Also, the overwhelming “LOL” and “streaming laughter tears” emojis are gone. Let’s face this a little. Tapback transitions the entire joke scoring system to “pass / fail”. Professors who are tasked with scoring in that way know that more people are more likely to pass. A special kind of magic of “haha” tapback is a way to live up to expectations when lowering expectations.

I once saw a comedian present his entire performance to the audience, which responded perfectly properly and with a dense wall of silence. At some point, after yet another loose joke was received only in the tone of the room, members of the audience were probably impressed by all that absurdity and spit out a tickled nose. The cartoon on stage tilted his head a little, as if a cat was listening to a can opener three rooms away. will purchase. “The” HAHA “tapback streamlines a vast network of complex and exhausted needs into just one. I saw a laugh. will purchase.

Best way to respond to text messages

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