Bethenny Frankel “Setup” Tom’s Cheating Photo-Hollywood Life Saying “RHONY”

About Tom! Or is it about Betheny? All recent Bravo shares claim that Bethenny Frankel, the Alum of “RHONY”, has set up a photo that resulted in the marriage of Luang de Receps with Tom Dagostino.

Real New York City Housewife Well, that should be the case Genuine, As far as the unscripted series is concerned.But new claims are emerging around the old RHONY Star Betheny FrankelPotential hands on reality TV clay, along with other shows Alum, Carol Rajwill, 58, claims that Betheny set one of the most memorable parts of the series — Luang De Lesseps‘Original Tom Dagostino I found him kissing another woman in a scandalous photo.

In the latest Bravo Tel All Not all diamonds and rosé: the inside story of a real housewife from those who lived it Dave Quinn reveals that Betheny was involved in publishing a photo that eventually disbanded the photos of Luang and Tom. Short-lived marriage, Around TooFab.. “Betheny took a picture of Tom kissing a girl at a Regency Hotel. It was a complete setup,” Carroll said in the book. “Beteny knew this woman and knew she was in contact with Tom, and Betheny said,” The next time you go to see him, please send me a text. ” bottom. And that happened. “

Betheny Frankel

She didn’t quote evidence to support her claim, but Carroll went on to say that Betheny sent someone to take a picture after learning that the woman was with Tom at the hotel. “She certainly didn’t just have friends with the Regency at 10 o’clock on Tuesday night. Tom happened to be there and kissing the chick he was hitting.”

This book is a producer, network executive, Andy Cohen He shared his own and more testimony from the present RHONY Star Ramona singer, 64, Betheny confirmed Carroll’s story by claiming that he had “completely planned for Tom.” Ramona added: “She knew what was going on and sent someone to take a picture of it. For me, there are certain lines that you don’t cross. And something like that? I don’t think I can. “

Luann de Lesseps

Andy claimed that he still didn’t know how Betheny got the photo, but Betheny said at the show that it was simply sent to her by a friend. But Luang was always suspicious of something suspicious. She “always felt like Betheny was trying to steal. [her] under. “

Bethenny Frankel “Setup” Tom’s Cheating Photo-Hollywood Life Saying “RHONY”

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