Bette Midler responds after a “transphobia” tweet triggers a backlash

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Set the recording straight. Bette Midler Some fans say after interpreting recent comments Women’s rights As a transphobia.

The Deception Earlier this week, Star (76) said, “WOMEN OF THE WORLD! We are deprived of our bodies, our lives and even our names! They are no longer our rights! I don’t call it a “woman”. They call us “births” or “menstruators” and even “people with vagina”! Don’t let them erase you! All humans on earth owe you! “

Midler’s message Immediately sparked controversy On social media, some Twitter users defended her point of view, while others claimed that posts were derogatory to the trans-community. The Beach actress Clarified her point of view In a subsequent tweet on Tuesday, July 5, she was a follower. New York Times The title was “Far-right and far-left agree on one thing: women do not count.”

The winner of the Golden Globe Awards wrote: My tweet about women was in response to this fascinating and well-written piece at the New York Times on July 3rd. What I said had no exclusive or transphobic intent. It wasn’t about that. “

Midler she simply Get attention In particular, after the Supreme Court recently overturned the Roe v. Wade case, he said, “the same old woman-every woman-has put up with it since the cavemen.” Restricted abortion access Nationwide.

“But seriously, if the person who read the tweet doesn’t think I love the marginalized people, go to Wikipedia and enter my name,” she continued. rice field. “I’ve been fighting for those left behind, as far as I can remember. Still, my 60 years of proven love for tweets that falsely offended those I’ve always supported and worshiped. If you want to dismiss your concerns, do so. “

The First Wives Club The star called for action and wrote: “But the truth is that democracy is slipping through our fingers. I’m doing my best to save democracy for all. If you weren’t paying attention, We must unite because we will definitely fall in splits. “

When the first Tony Award winner’s comment frowned, some social media users gave her JK RowlingWhose Gender politics outlook It has been criticized for many years. June 2020, 56 years old Harry potter The author was called for her response to that article I used the phrase “menstrual person” To include those who are not identified as women. “I’m sure there was a word for those people. Someone can help me. Umben? Wimpund? Woomd?” Rolling tweeted at the time.

Some members of Harry potter Movie Franchise — Including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson When Rupert Grint — Immediately criticized the writer’s opinion. “I’m firmly confronting the transgender community. Transgender women are women. Transgender men are men,” Grint, 33, said in her statement. We weekly.. “We should all be given the right to live without judgment with love.”

The servant Star More light on the relationship with rolling During an interview with the British Times in January. “I liken JK Rowling to her aunt,” he explained. “I don’t necessarily agree with everything her aunt says, but she’s still my aunt. It’s tricky.”

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Bette Midler responds after a “transphobia” tweet triggers a backlash

Source link Bette Midler responds after a “transphobia” tweet triggers a backlash

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