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Tucson, Arizona 2022-06-09 06:54:00 –

Another very hot afternoon at the tap where there are also some isolated storms! The biggest threat is gusts and lightning that cause new wildfires, but it can also rain a bit. The warning about excessive heat will come into effect at 10 am this morning.

It’s a warm start, thanks to the amount of clouds from the storm that developed south late last night. Several Virga / sprinkles are possible this morning and another storm will occur this afternoon. It’s damp today and the best chance is to go south and east from Tucson! It can reach 0.10 at the top south of Tucson, but greater concern is the unstable winds from dry thunderstorms and thunderstorms that cause new wildfires. Maintain weather warnings as gusts of up to 50 mph can occur. A storm can occur. It’s the afternoon of the weekend, but it should be limited to near the border.

In the hottest places this afternoon, temperatures warm to around 106 ° / 107 °, but continue to rise until weekends. High-pressure ridges will continue to take over the southwest, which will keep our highs a few degrees above normal. Temperatures range from 104 ° to 114 ° throughout the weekend, so the first excessive heat warning of the year will be valid from 10am this morning to 7pm Sunday. This means that the risk of fever-related illnesses is greatly increased! Limit your outdoor time from 10 am to 8 pm and stay hydrated. If you feel dizzy or have cramps in your arms, legs, or abdominal muscles … go indoors and rehydrate!

Keep in mind that the temperature will continue to rise, so keep an eye on it before locking, hydrate and limit intense outdoor activities! Also note that if you need to walk your dog in the afternoon, the temperature of the asphalt can be 50 degrees above the temperature. Walking on the asphalt burns the dog’s paws. Be careful and store it on the surface of the lawn or in the shade.

  • Today: Hot and isolated storms can occur (20%). High: 106 °
  • Tonight: It’s mostly clear and warm. Low: 76 °
  • Tomorrow: It’s hot and almost sunny. High: 108 °

Better storm chance today… | News Source link Better storm chance today… | News

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