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El Sobrante, CA-Betty Reed Sobrante, the country’s oldest national park ranger, has become a locally beloved celebrity. She is also a writer, musician, and civil rights activist — and now she can claim another great achievement: turning 100.

Rosie the Riveter Shares her experience as a black woman who worked as an interpreter ranger for 10 years at the Homefront National Park Museum in World War II and as a file clerk in an isolated union hall in Richmond during the war. Soskin — Born September 22, 1921.

Now, 100 years later, including 94 people who lived in the East Bay, Soskin is celebrating the milestones reached by a few people. At her home in Richmond on Tuesday, we asked her: What is her secret of longevity?

Is it a glass of wine a day? “No,” she laughed.

A glass of whiskey? She shook her head.

chocolate? “Yes,” she nods. Maybe a little chocolate.

But she is not completely convinced.

“I wish I knew it. I don’t know if there is a secret,” Soskin said. “I think everything is right, one foot at a time. One foot is in front of the other. I don’t think any of us really understand what it is.”

Another explanation may be genetics. Soskin’s mother lived to be 101 years old. Born as a slave in Louisiana in 1856, her grandmother lived to be 102 years old.

“And I was born in 1921, and I’m still here,” Soskin added.

Soskin is like a living history book. In her lifetime, there were 17 US presidents. But for Soskin, what stands out from anyone else is President Barack Obama, who was introduced at the 2015 National Tree Lighting Ceremony at the White House.

“I was standing with Obama on the stage in Washington, DC, and that was the moment I was really together in my entire life,” Soskin said.

“I had a picture of my great-grandmother in my bag, in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial, in the shadow of the White House built by slaves, when I was introducing the President of the United States.” She added. “The overall meaning of it really caught me. It was probably the highest point of my life.”

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Soskin said it was one of the many moments in her life she never thought impossible.

“No, I never thought my life would include such a vignette,” she said.

Another outstanding moment for Soskin is what’s happening today on her 100th birthday. The Bay Area Middle School will be renamed in honor of her. Betty Reed Sobrante Junior High School in El Sobrante.

That idea inflated Soskin’s eyes.

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“Because having a school named after me means that many children will enter the world knowing who I am and what I was doing here, so I It’s more than I ever thought, “Soskin said. “Maybe it makes a difference.”

Then she took a long pause before continuing.

“Maybe that makes a difference.”

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Betty Reid Soskin, America’s oldest national park ranger turns 100, will have school named after her Source link Betty Reid Soskin, America’s oldest national park ranger turns 100, will have school named after her

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