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Tampa, Florida 2021-10-23 13:02:00 –

Citrus County, Florida — Citrus County lawmakers say the man was arrested after trying to burn down churches and multiple homes.

Around 7 am on October 22, Citrus County lawmakers and the Citrus County Fire Rescue Team were dispatched to Our Lady of the Grayscatrick Church at 6 Roosevelt Boulevard in Beverly Hills for a wildfire.

Witnesses told the first responders that they saw a white man in a black leather jacket and tan shorts running across the parking lot towards the front of the church. Witnesses saw the man pouring gas around the tree and the statue of Jesus Christ and igniting both.

On-site lawmakers checked the church’s surveillance cameras and saw a man consistent with the instructions given by witnesses. While watching the footage, I found the same suspect trying to light a propane tank near the building.

Citrus County lawmakers received a fire call from South Barbour Street in Beverly Hills. There, the homeowner told lawmakers that the real estate fence was on fire. Homeowners reported that the front door and windows were covered with liquid, perhaps gasoline.

At the third location on South Wadsworth Avenue in Beverly Hills, the first responder was dispatched to a building fire. At the scene, I saw a flame coming out of an open window in the Citrus County Fire Rescue. The fire brigade was able to extinguish the fire that caused great damage to the house. At the time of the fire, the house was vacant.

CCSO Community Crimes Detectives Helfritz and Hughes have begun investigating these three arson incidents. Using video surveillance footage obtained from the church, they were able to identify 25-year-old James Lee Harris of Beverly Hills as a person of interest from the video footage.

With the help of the community, lawmakers found Harris’s whereabouts, and Harris was allegedly detained shortly before 10 pm. Harris confessed that he had set all three fires. Harris was arrested for one felony of arson in a house, one felony of arson in a church, and one misdemeanor of criminal misdemeanor in a church. He is currently detained in a Citrus County detention center with a $ 36,000 deposit.

“Arson is not only dangerous, but can be fatal in some cases.” Sheriff Prendergast said. “No one in our community was injured while Harris was doing something unexpected. I was the partner of our agent, the Community Crime Detective, and the Citrus County Fire Rescue Team. I commend you for working swiftly and diligently to protect the community from further harm. I would like to thank the witnesses for promptly providing valuable information that helped resolve this crime. “

Beverly Hills man arrested on felony arson charges Source link Beverly Hills man arrested on felony arson charges

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