Beware of deadly new diseases that spread throughout the United States:’Foxitis’ | Alwa Mahadawi

Fight with Foxitis

For decades, debilitating illnesses have spread throughout the United States. Risk factor Includes 65+, Republicans, and Caucasians. Symptoms include hingeless tweets, delusional thoughts, and a fascinating urge to attack the Capitol.The· The disease is called “fossil flame” And a lawyer called Joseph Harley, who represents Anthony Antonio, a mob in the US Capitol, wants us to believe his clients are suffering from it.

Antonio lost his job at the beginning of the pandemic and spent the next six months watching Fox at home, Harley told DC Court Thursday. “He became obsessed with what I call” Foxtis “or” Foxmania “… and began to believe in what he was given. According to Harley, Fox brainwashed Antonio to believe that Trump wanted to march in Washington as part of his patriotic movement. Antonio is currently facing five accusations of his role in the January riots.

Harley-inspired defenses are unlikely to take Antonio off-hook. In particular, many alleged parliamentary rioters have already failed in a similar move trying to blame the former president for their actions.Trump defense“. (I love the right wing! I like talking about personal responsibilities, but I don’t seem to be able to take responsibility for myself.) However, I may not be able to get the judge’s approval, but “Foxitis” Is not a joke.Unlike AffluenzaFoxitis, another disease defense that lawyers dreamed of, is something we all must take seriously.

Fox may not be able to hijack your brain and force you to do things like weird parasites Turn ants into suicide zombies However, it is difficult to exaggerate the oversized impact of the network.Many studies have reported to their viewers a pandemic Fox News report characterized by racism and misinformation. Don’t take the coronavirus so seriously, For example Impact on public health..Today, Tucker Carlson, one of the few Fox News hosts who took the pandemic seriously early on, has diversified his usual racist rants. Dangerous anti-vaxxer promotion.. Curiously, he never seems to say that his boss Rupert Murdoch was one of the first vaccinated people in the world.Murdoch got a jab in England December 2020: The King of Misinformation was vaccinated three weeks before the Queen of England.

Fox is not only a danger to public health, but a danger to democracy. I spent months amplifying Donald Trump’s lies about the integrity of the 2020 elections. It may not have forced people to attack the Capitol, but it is difficult to argue that it was not somehow responsible for inciting the riots. Only Antonio and his fellow riot suspects should be tried. Fox should be so too. And to some extent, the network was sued by North American voting machine company Dominion for $ 1.6 billion. Defamation network.. Media Matters has also launched a campaign,, Encourage people to ask the cable carrier to remove Fox News from the package.

But in the end, proceedings and protests are not enough to completely eradicate Foxitis. In particular, the disease has multiple varieties, including the particularly troublesome Facebook flame. Incorrect information is never lost. But we can and must inoculate people against it. how? By making a large investment in education and media literacy. I quoted Taiwan’s digital minister, Audrey Tang, before, but I don’t think I can fully emphasize this point. The false information is a virus, and the only way to control it is to build what Tang calls.Geek immunity“.

Texas is about to pass an extreme abortion ban

Perhaps a country that loves small government Pass strict law Abortion after 6 weeks of gestation is prohibited. To clarify: It’s two weeks after the woman missed her period. In addition, Texas wants to allow civilians to sue doctors and others who may have helped someone have an abortion after that time limit. In summary, right-wingers consider gun control to be a repressive overkill of the government, but extreme uterine regulation is perfectly fine.

New Ugandan sex crime law could undermine LGBTQ + rights

Uganda’s sexual crime bill has been praised for outlawing sexual harassment, but it also Criminal gay sex and sex work..

Apple’s new AirTag may be used by stalker

Apple recently announced a small $ 30 tracker that you can clip to something like a key to find them. This is basically a dream product for control partners. “I don’t think the product will be perfect the moment it hits the market, but if so, I don’t think they made the choice of choice. [Apple] I even consulted with one expert about intimate violence, “said one cybersecurity expert. Washington post.. Technology companies seem to have blind spots when it comes to women’s safety.

* Cough * My book is currently for sale * Cough *

We will suspend this newsletter and deliver a shameless plea Pre-order a new book.. It’s called a strong female reed, and it’s about how effective leadership really needs to be reassessed.

Looking for another feminist book to read in the meantime?

Can be recommended Women and Leadership: Real Life, Real Lessons By Julia Gillard and Ngozi Okonjo Iwarera. Also: White feminism See Koa Beck; Jess Hill’s “What You Did Me”.The latter is now too Documentary series..

Mali woman gives birth to 9 babies

The· All non-uplets are doing wellThank you. What about your mom? If I were her, I would have had a mini panic attack. I hope she gets a lot of help!

Panic week

An uncontrollable Chinese rocket will hit Earth this weekend, as if it wasn’t enough to deal with the pandemic. No one knows where to land, but it’s probably the ocean. Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at Harvard’s Center for Astrophysics, summarized the Guardian’s situation in layman’s terms.It’s potentially bad.. “

Beware of deadly new diseases that spread throughout the United States:’Foxitis’ | Alwa Mahadawi

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