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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-09-19 23:24:00 –

Atlanta, Georgia (CBS46)-Instagram, a social media platform, is currently being used by scammers to prey on young adults who want to be “influencers.”

“I’m not a big celebrity on Instagram. I’m just an ordinary person,” said Alexandria Kennedy, who said he had been scammed.

Kennedy didn’t think he could be a victim of online crime.

“There was a comment that I wanted to be a brand ambassador for this business,” Kennedy said.

The Instagram company promised Kennedy a big discount on clothing, and in return, a sophomore in Georgia said she asked her to advertise her purchases on social media as a “brand ambassador.” increase. Kennedy thought it was a good deal and bought the item from the company.

“I haven’t received a shipping confirmation or anything to confirm that my order has been completed, but I know I was charged for the card,” says Kennedy.

A few months later, she says the item never arrived. Kennedy told the company she would report their scam to the Better Business Bureau. But she says they kept reading the message and never responded.

The Better Business Bureau reports that the majority of monetary loss scams are now online purchase scams. And one-fifth of those purchase scams come from social media targeted at adults aged 18-54.

“Seeing these scammers targeting young consumers, we just want to educate them,” said Better Business Bureau, a spokeswoman for Metro Atlanta, Athens, and northeastern Georgia. Mann Simone Williams said.

For the Better Business Bureau Real-time fraud tracker On that website you can search for scams in your neighborhood.

“So how do you find a fake? You want to ask a question. The target of an” influencer “scam asks the details and tells the BBB that the scammer really avoids or stops responding. I will tell you, “said Williams.

To make sure you are not blind, the Better Business Bureau states that you should always obtain information in writing.

“Always ask for a contract. If these companies don’t provide that information, it should be your first warning signal. Read all the fine print,” Williams said.

BEWARE! Scammers using social media platforms to prey on young adults | News Source link BEWARE! Scammers using social media platforms to prey on young adults | News

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