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Arlington, Texas 2021-05-04 10:35:46 –

Congressman Don Beyer Announced yesterday He requested federal funding for the Arlington County Health Initiative and two park projects.

If approved, the funds will be used to refurbish part of the Bluemont Junction Trail and repair the main pedestrian bridge in Glencarlyn Park. We also buy the vehicles needed by mobile-ready teams that respond to behavioral health crises, not the police.

Funding will come from the Community Project Financing Program for Fiscal Year 2022. This program provides targeted funding for regional projects across the country. Representatives have been able to submit requests for up to 10 projects, but there is no guarantee of approval. Beyer also demanded funding for a project that would benefit the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church and Fairfax County.

“Infrastructure demands strengthen and support pedestrian routes in the region. [electric vehicles] And other environmentally friendly initiatives, funding mental health resources, and supporting pilot programs for deploying wearing cameras for the Alexandria police station, “said Bayer. “These are federal-funded projects.”

for Bluemont Junction TrailBeyer demanded $ 325,000 to repave the trail segment and adjacent connector paths. This is an improvement identified by the county during the 2018 trail assessment.

“Current sidewalk pavement and connectors are in poor condition, with restricted or inadequate access from adjacent intersecting roads,” the announcement said.

Apart from this, the county Use funding To Improve The trail is N. Kensington Street, N. Emerson Street, N. It intersects Buchanan Street.

Beyer demanded $ 800,000 to replace the Glencarlyn Park pedestrian bridge Lost Between Flash floods in July 2019.. So far, Rubber Run Park Bridge The Glencarlyn Bridge was also included in Arlington but was replaced Adopted 2021 Capital Improvement Plan..

“of 6 pedestrian bridges lost In the event of a flood, the bridge in Glenkarlin Park is of paramount importance to connectivity, “said Bayer. “This bridge connects the main park area, the dog exercise area, and the nearby community west of the Four Mile Run to the Washington & Old Minion Trail. The bridge connection is a W & OD connection, both as a commuter connection. It’s also important for recreational and leisure walks on the trails. “

On behalf of Arlington County, Bayer demanded $ 390,000 to purchase two medical devices for use by a team tasked with responding to a mental health crisis.Arlington Police Practice Group Recently recommended The county has transitioned from dispatching police to such incidents to dispatching specialized mobile crisis response units.

“The funds requested support a” support rather than handcuffs “approach to ensure that people in behavioral health crisis receive the most appropriate support when and where they need it,” Beyer said. Announcement states. “Behavioral health and law enforcement responses increase community-based mental health care, reduce emergency department use, reduce hospitalization, deviate from the criminal justice system, and support racial justice. “

inside that Long reportThe police practice group also recommended procuring special vehicles for mobile crisis units or modifying existing vehicles.

The vehicle will make up for $ 574,000 County 2022 Fiscal Year Budget To support an enhanced mental health crisis response program in the human services sector. The allocation will fund doctor’s assistants, nurses, clinicians, shipping vans, and operating supplies.

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Beyer Requests Federal Funding for Arlington Park Projects, Mental Health Initiative Source link Beyer Requests Federal Funding for Arlington Park Projects, Mental Health Initiative

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