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Fresno, CA (KFSN)-A popular travel art exhibition stops in Central California.

Beyond Van Gogh: The immersive experience begins in downtown Fresno on Friday night.

Beyond Van Gogh is a three-dimensional world of intense brushstrokes and vibrant colors woven together over the years with soothing sounds that help tell the story of one of the most famous Impressionist painters in history. Provides a unique experience to.

“Since it opened in the spring of 2021, we’ve been to 25 cities in the United States alone. The show has received a lot of attention and demonstrates the power of Vincent’s work,” said Beyond Van Gogh art historian. Van Gogh said.

The people behind Beyond Van Gogh turned the interior of the Fresno Convention Center into a homage to a famous artist who once cut off his ears.

This self-guided tour brings new life to more than 300 Van Gogh artworks, Starry Night and Sunflowers, including some of Van Gogh’s most iconic paintings.

“For some people, museums are intimidating and this is a great way to introduce people to the world of art. For kids, it’s great. They walk around, run, brush, Pedals and adults spin around. Similarly. It really brings joy to people. “

The paintings are projected onto the walls and floor, so everything looks alive and you can understand all the details of Van Gogh’s work.

“It’s incredibly difficult to explain this experience. Even if you say you have protrusions around you, you surround you on the floor, and you surround you on the wall, this is what you are in space. It’s something you have to feel when you’re in. The music that connects you to art and takes you on this journey. It’s really hard to compare. “

The tour art show experience, which began on Friday and continues until July 17, sold approximately 3 million tickets worldwide.

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Beyond Van Gogh exhibit opening in Fresno on Friday Source link Beyond Van Gogh exhibit opening in Fresno on Friday

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