Bezos company loses challenge to NASA SpaceX lunar module contract

GAO also said NASA had fairly evaluated the three proposals and agreed that NASA had improperly abandoned one requirement for SpaceX, but the mistake is not serious enough to be worth re-competition. was.

“Despite this finding, the decision also concludes that protesters were unable to establish a reasonable possibility of competitive prejudice resulting from this limited discrepancy in assessment.” GAO said in a statement..

The SpaceX award is only for the first lunar landing scheduled for 2024, but we rarely expect it to happen soon. “Importantly, GAO’s decision will allow NASA and SpaceX to establish a timeline for their crew to land on the moon for the first time in more than 50 years,” NASA said in a statement.

NASA officials have announced that they will be hosting another Moonlander competition in which Blue Origin, Dynetics and other companies can participate.

Bezos said in a letter that NASA should choose now to ensure competition. “Competition prevents a single source from having insurmountable leverage over NASA,” he writes.

After the decision, Blue Origin said in a statement: “I’m sure there are fundamental issues with NASA’s decision, but GAO couldn’t address them due to limited jurisdiction, because I believe it’s the right solution. , We continue to support two direct providers. “

To encourage NASA to resume competition, Senator Maria Cantwell, a Democrat in Washington State headquartered in Blue Origin, chairman of the Commerce Commission, has a vast second contractor for her agency. Added a bipartisan clause requiring selection for research.That technical bill Overwhelmingly passed the Senate in June.. Senator Bernie Sanders, independent of Vermont, opposed the bill and Equivalent to “bailout” For Mr. Bezos’ company. However, a strong senator on the Commerce Commission supported it, claiming that NASA always intended to give two awards.

Bezos company loses challenge to NASA SpaceX lunar module contract

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