Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali Temple

                                Bhadrakali Temple

The city of Nasik in Maharashtra, India one pious place. Several temples are housed in this city. The city of Nasik is associated with the epic, Ramayana. It is said that Lord Ram had spent a part of their exile in here with his consort and brother. The holy river Godavari also flows through Nasik. Temples belonging to different faiths like Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism etc. stand tall in here. In addition to this when taking about Hinduism temples of both Shaivism and Vaishnavism sects are present. A shaktipeetha also glorifies the cultural and religious treasure of Nasik. So, one can say that Nasik is a hub of spirituality. One temple that glorifies this reputation of this city if the Bhadrakali Temple.

About Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali Temple is located in the centre of the city of Nasik. So, access to this temple is easy and this is the result why the temple witnesses devotees on a daily basis. The Bhadrakali Temple is dedicated to goddess Kali. The temple has a very smooth and unique management system. The temple carries out various humanitarian projects too. This temple is one of the three temple under Nyasa. The temple is two storeyed. The idol of Lord Bhadrakali is 15 inches tall and is made up of panchadhatu. The goddess has 18 arms and each arm carries a weapon. The temple was established by the University of Nasik and carries out the oriental tradition of Guru Veda Vedadhyan. Students can stay in here free of cost.

More about Bhadrakali Temple

The temple jingles with the sound of bhajans sung by women in the afternoon. Then evenings are accommodated by reading the Devi Purana. Every night the temple conducts a program of storytelling and kirtan. So, one can say that the Bhadrakali Temple has a tight spiritual schedule endowed with religious and cultural details.

Mornings are beautified by the daily puja practices and aarti while evenings are lit up by again singing aarti.

Nyasa also provide scholarship to students who score more than 95 % at university level and honors teachers who teach Sanskrit. In addition to this Sanskrit workshops are also conducted by them. This is a very unique approach taken by this organization. One can say that in a way Nyasa is facilitating in saving the age old language i.e. Sanskrit.

Festivals celebrated in Bhadrakali Temple

This temple hosts various festivals all over the world with great pomp and show. Devotees come and dwell in the divine fervor of this place.

On the occasion of Chaitrasudha Pratipada a holy text named the Amanac Pachanga Pujana is read by the temple priest. In addition to this Saptashati Brahmanvundamarphata is also read. The Saptashati texts are read on a daily basis from 8 am to 9:30 am which is organized by the Nyasa. The temple priest of this temple is selected separately and the priest uses the donated amount from the donation box of the temple. The priest follows a very simple and humble lifestyle. The sound of the recitation of these holy texts dissipates a divine aura in the entire temple premises.

The festival of Navratri is also celebrated in this temple. During the course of the nine days of the festival daily mantras by learned Brahmins are chanted. Women carry out haavan on asthma or the eighth day of the nine day festival. The chanting of hymns fills the environment with divine upliftment and makes this festival all the more spiritually and religiously understandable.

Other festivals including Ganesh Puja and Guru Chaitra Parayana is also celebrated in here.

A Tourist’s Guide

Bhadrakali Temple is open on all days of the week. Entry is not ticketed here. It is located at K. Rajendra Vavre Chowk in Nasik. This place lies in the centre of the city and thus one can easily find public transport in order to reach the temple. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road Railway Station which is at a distance of 9 km. The nearest airport is Gandhinagar International Airport from Bhadrakali Temple. One can find a wide range of hotels in the city of Nasik. Bookings can be done both online and offline.

Bhadrakali Temple is a beautiful and peaceful temple. When in here one can enjoy a jovial darshan with their loved ones. The aura of this temple makes one want to visit it over and over again. One must visit Bhadrakali Temple when in Nasik.

Vaagisha Singh

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