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New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-06-15 16:19:10 –

A proposal by the Louisiana Board of Education to overhaul how the state evaluates public schools has caused controversy and urged state Supreme Board leaders to postpone the debate planned on Tuesday. did.

Education Supervisor Cade Brumley’s plan will change the way schools and school districts calculate letter grades and reduce the number of schools with D and F ratings.

The· Advocate Report The idea sparked a backlash from critics who said the change would lower the state’s academic standards, which had long approached the bottom of student performance.

“Changes to hide true student performance are detrimental to Louisiana students,” said Kelli Bottger, director of political strategy for the Education Policy Group American Federation for Children.

In the controversy, the state’s Elementary and Secondary Education Commission said it would yank items from Tuesday’s agenda review and reschedule to a “future date.” No specific date was provided.

In a statement, Sandy Holloway, Chairman of the Board, said the Board “wants to allow additional discussion on this important topic.” She quoted her own questions and comments received from supporters, stakeholders and other board members.

Under current rules, 25% of a school’s annual grade score (which helps generate school grades) is whether a student achieves his or her learning goals, regardless of the actual test score or comparison with other students. Is related to. Brumley’s suggestion would increase that to 38% of the score.

Bramley said the proposal was in line with what other states are doing. It gained support from the Louisiana School Supervisors Association and the Better Louisiana Council to track educational issues.

Critics said the change caused students’ scores to swell and suddenly appeared to be better than they really were at school and at school. They said that Louisiana is already different from many states in that it not only personally improves students, but also gives points to their growth compared to their classmates.

“We need more consensus on the growth part,” Brumley told The Advocate. “I have no objection to that.”

However, he said the proposal originated from the recommendations of an education advisory board called the Accountability Board.

Another issue is the director’s plan to give credit to the school for students who score 17 points on the ACT University Preparatory Exam. This is a maximum of 36 points. A score of 17 means that the student earned more than 35% of his classmates in ACT. Under the current rules, the school will not start earning ACT score points until the student scores 18 or higher.

Brumley said the new policy aims to match higher education benchmarks and scores. He said students who scored 17 points in ACT are eligible for free tuition in the community and colleges of technology through the state’s TOPS Tech program.

But the Conservative Pelican Institute for Public Policy asked, “Why bring ACT standards back below capacity when we are all working to raise the bar for student achievement?” It was.

Other parts of Bramley’s plan were largely controversial, including ideas for creating the state’s first K-2 accountability system and steps to strengthen high school diplomas.

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Bid to revamp Louisiana school grading system stirs pushback – New Orleans CityBusiness Source link Bid to revamp Louisiana school grading system stirs pushback – New Orleans CityBusiness

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