Biden abolishes Schedule F, overturns Trump’s workforce policy with new executive order

President Joe Biden signed a new executive order on Friday, including some of his predecessor’s policies to limit collective bargaining power of federal unions and empowered institutions to move around career employees. Overturn.

An executive order scheduled for late Friday afternoon will abolish the three EOs signed by President Donald Trump in 2018, limit collective bargaining, reduce official time, and prioritize employee dismissal and disciplinary action. Did.

The order also instructed agencies to negotiate non-essential “permissible” subjects during contract negotiations, saying the White House would give federal officials a “loud voice” in their working conditions.

Abolishing the executive order of the labor force has been a top priority for federal employee unions who have spent much of the past few years fighting EO in court and in negotiations. Biden promised the union to abolish the 2018 executive order during the campaign.

“They are talented, hardworking, inspiring Americans and deserve maximum dignity and respect,” the White House said of federal employees. “But over the last four years, they have been weakened and depressed. The president signs an executive order to take steps to protect and empower federal officials of great importance to the country. “

Biden’s new executive order also eliminates Schedule F, a new exceptional service classification Trump created by presidential action in the last few months of his presidency.

Trump’s EO has allowed the head of government to reclassify certain policy-making positions into a new schedule for quasi-political appointees known as Schedule F. New alternative — freely.

Federal unions and organizations were hoping that the new administration would eventually abolish Trump’s Executive Order on Schedule F, but it was unclear how soon Biden would act. Together with a handful of Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Senate, they spoke specifically about concerns about Schedule F and the possible consequences if it were implemented.

The new administration seems to agree.

“Its presence threatens important protection of career employees and provides a way for political appointees to dig holes in civil servants,” the White House said of Schedule F.

Biden will focus not only on abolishing the four executive orders of the Trump era, but also on providing higher minimum wages to federal employees and contractors.

The White House fact sheet on his plans for an executive order on Friday doesn’t go into too much detail. Biden simply directs the Human Resources Department to make recommendations for more federal officials to pay $ 15 per hour.

He also asks the agency to investigate the possibility of a federal contractor’s minimum wage of $ 15.

“The federal government should only give contracts to employers who give workers the wages and benefits they earn,” the White House fact sheet reads. “President Biden today will pay a minimum wage of $ 15 to federal contractors and begin work to be able to issue an executive order within the first 100 days demanding that workers be provided with emergency paid leave. I’m telling his administration. “

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Biden abolishes Schedule F, overturns Trump’s workforce policy with new executive order

Source link Biden abolishes Schedule F, overturns Trump’s workforce policy with new executive order

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