Biden accuses the Capitol storm as a “dark moment” in national history

Washington — Presidential election Joseph R. Biden Jr. accused President Trump of refusing to accept defeat on Wednesday, accusing him of attacking the Capitol and calling it “to the Fortress of Freedom.” A mob who calls “attack” and has his brave and false allegations that the president has stolen the 2020 election.

In direct and powerful words, Mr. Biden called the scene of turmoil in the parliamentary hall a “dark moment” in the history of the country, appealing for calm and blaming Mr. Trump for inciting the violence that left both members. Political parties and allies around the world who revealed that they were liable were horrified.

“At best, the president’s words can be inspiring. In the worst case, they can incite,” Biden said.

“I don’t dispute this,” the presidential election said in a statement from Delaware when a scene of an armed takeover of the Capitol was performed on a television screen. “It’s chaotic. It’s chaotic. It’s adjacent to the sedition and must end now.”

The day began as one of Biden’s and his party’s victories, the Democratic Party quit the election the day before, won two seats in Georgia, and Congress will wipe out the last formal Republican opposition to him. did. Victory by proving the results of the Electoral College.

Mr. Biden filled out the cabinet and chose Judge Merrick B. Garland, who was blocked from being nominated by the Republican Supreme Court in 2016, as the Attorney General, leaving the troubled Justice Department in the hands of the Attorney General. With this choice, some Democrats on the left side of the party were disappointed that he did not choose women or people of color and emphasized that Mr Biden was seeking bipartisan consensus.

But by early afternoon, that day turned into a strong and jarring memory of what Biden would face when he took office on January 20th. Not only does he inherit a country suffering from a pandemic and economic crisis, but he also inherits a political structure. It is torn by Mr. Trump and is not easily rewoven together.

Attacks on the Capitol by Trump demonstrators moved to physical confrontations that stopped the process of proving the results of the Electoral College, and on Wednesday morning his supporters said the elections were “illegal.” Tired of the incumbent president who was furious with thousands. And he swore, “We never admit.”

Mr. Trump remained largely silent shortly after the mob entered the Capitol, so Mr. Biden “now appears on national television to take an oath, defend the Constitution, and demand the end of this siege.” I asked.

“To attack the Capitol,” he continued. “To break the windows, occupy the office. Go through the floors and desks of the United States Senate. It threatens the safety of officially elected civil servants in the Capitol and the House of Representatives. It’s not a protest. It’s a riot. “

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Trump posted a one-minute video on Twitter, sympathizing with the mob because “there was an election stolen from us,” but urging him to “go home now.” We must have peace. We must have law and order. “

The impact of that day’s events on Mr Biden’s political power remained unclear. In a sense, they could prevent some Republicans in the closely divided parliament from working with him, as their elections are illegal in the eyes of Mr. Trump’s most ardent supporters. It reminded me of the belief that there is.

Alternatively, a “terrible exhibition to God” in the Capitol, as he said, could give him the opportunity to build some early bipartisan deals with the party in some sort of temporary solidarity. There is a possibility to put it together.

Mr Biden expressed his hope of becoming the latter.

“The current job and the next four years’ job must be democracy, dignity, honor, respect, and the restoration of the rule of law,” he added later, “we must step up.” Added.

If either Mr. Biden or his aide needed it, he reminded me that most of the transition to presidential office was normal.

When the mob raided the Capitol, Mr Biden set aside plans to praise Georgia’s victory and give a speech about the economy that was expected to highlight some of its economic priorities. To help people, businesses, states and local governments survive the financial pain of the virus.

Mr Biden’s adviser is deeply involved in the process of developing a policy proposal for submission to Congress in the coming weeks, starting with another stimulus. New York Senator Chuck Schumer, Democratic majority leader after Biden’s inauguration, said Wednesday morning that Biden and two winning senators John would approve an individual payment of $ 2,000. Told reporters that was the highest priority for legislators. Osov and Rafael Warnock promised voters that the Democrats would offer if they won both elections.

The Biden team is also drafting a proposal to implement the President-elect “Build Back Better” campaign agenda. This includes new government spending on clean energy, infrastructure, healthcare and education, funded by tax increases for high net worth individuals and businesses.

The Democratic victory in Georgia put Mr. Biden’s party under control at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, reducing the risk of a complete parliamentary deadlock for at least two years.

If Senator Mitch McConnell, a Republican in Kentucky, isn’t the leader of the Senate’s Tekken, Biden’s promise to return to transpartisan will be tested. Now, Schumer and Biden’s allies will bring the new president’s proposal to the Senate seats and vote. And even with the narrowest margins (a 50-50 split that Vice President-elect Kamala Harris can break), he may be able to turn some of those proposals into law.

“McConnell would have been a recipe for complete stagnation, complete traffic jams,” said Matt Bennett, a veteran Democratic strategist on the third way, a moderate think tank. “Since Schumer manages the calendar, he has the opportunity to do some really important things.”

A liberal group in support of Mr Biden said on Wednesday that Georgia’s victory would allow him to advance an ambitious and expensive agenda to address the current economic crisis and long-term inequality in the US economy. Expressed hope.

Mr. Biden and the majority of Democrats will take office with the obligation of “a significant down payment in building an economy that will serve all Americans,” Americans for tax fairness that pushed Mr. Biden up. Said Frank Clemente, Secretary-General of the United States. Enact a significant tax increase for the wealthy. “This will be close to $ 3-4 trillion in 10 years. This will be paid by forcing the wealthy and businesses to pay fair taxes.”

Other interest groups quickly seized Georgia’s results and pressured Mr Biden to fulfill his election promise.

“We are working on ICE and CBP refunds and are fighting to take responsibility for the suffering and death of immigrants caused by these agencies and the citizenship of the 11 million undocumented people living in the United States. “Masu,” said Executive Director Greisa Martinez Rosas.United We Dream, a progressive advocacy group referring to the Federal Immigration Department

Senate Biden’s allies have expressed optimism that the chairman of the committee and the control of the legislature can be used to advance the policy goals of the presidential election.

“We need to fix a lot of the damage Trump has done, and then much of what we do about climate and racial inequality, wealth inequality, and structural racism. There is a disgusting demand for, “Senator Sherod said, Brown, Ohio, who will be the top Democrat of the Senate Banking Commission.

Senator Thomas R. Carper, a Democrat in Delaware, told Capitol Hill reporters that “there is and should be a bipartisan agenda that can unite us.”

“There is a thirst for rebuilding our roads, highways, bridges and transportation systems,” he said. “There is a craving for rebuilding our wastewater, clean drinking water infrastructure.”

Biden also proposed the most ambitious climate agenda in history, including spending $ 2 trillion on green initiatives. The majority of the Senate gives Mr Biden the option to do some of that.

Democrats are now using the first off-gate coronavirus economic stimulus package as a means of spending hundreds of billions of dollars to support the renewable energy economy, as Obama used the 2009 Economic Stimulation Act. Is expected. Drive $ 90 billion in green energy spending.

Senate Democrats are expected to continue to seek ways to incorporate climate change measures into other major legislation, including military, farm, and labor bills. Schumer also promises to be creative. For example, he plans to use a budgetary procedure called reconciliation that can avoid filibuster through climate change and tax policy.

However, Mr Biden’s agenda is constrained by the narrow advantages of the Democratic Party in the House and Senate. Moderate Democrats, such as West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III and Senator Kyrsten Cinema, use great power to get past the plan.

Michael Steele, a partner at Hamilton Place Strategies in Washington, who was the top aide to Speaker of the House John A. Bener when he was a Republican in Ohio, said: I was the Speaker of the House. “I can’t come up with a universe where they can’t say it’s better to carry out bipartisan processes and bipartisan products. I know it doesn’t end the left, but it’s this president. Is the way you can get results. “

Before the violence at Capitol Hill, Mr. Biden signaled Wednesday morning that he would try to build a legislative coalition with the Republican Party as a top priority, despite the transfer of control of the Senate to the Democratic Party. did. Many require 60 votes to clear. Senate filibuster.

“Georgia voters gave a clear message yesterday. They want action on the crisis we are facing, and they want it now,” Biden said in a statement. It was. “About Covid-19, financial remedies, climate, racial justice, voting rights, etc. They want us to move, but we work together.”

Personally, some Republicans with a long history at Capitol Hill said Wednesday that the House and Senate raids could shock some Republicans-Biden’s election. Overturn and motivate Mr. Trump to partner with Mr. Biden on Phase 2 — policy issues.

The National Association of Manufacturers, a prominent business lobbying group that has long supported many Republicans, accuses Mr. Trump of inciting violence on Wednesday and his administration invokes a constitutional provision that excludes him. Suggested that the time had come.

“We should seriously consider working with the Cabinet to implement the 25th Amendment to maintain democracy,” said Vice President Mike Pence, group president Jay Timmons said in a news release. I wrote in.

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Biden accuses the Capitol storm as a “dark moment” in national history

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