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Biden administration includes “home health care crisis” in new pandemic plan

President Joe Biden focused on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic during the first full day of Thursday. In doing so, he refocused his attention on home care and curbed the current “labor crisis.”

“Our national strategy is comprehensive,” Biden said in a speech from the White House. “It’s based on science, not politics. It’s based on truth, not denial — and it’s detailed.”

Since taking office, the president has signed 10 executive orders aimed at increasing the availability of COVID-19 testing and vaccines, with an ambitious goal of 100 million vaccinations by April. .. The Biden administration announced a pandemic countermeasure plan of about 200 pages on Thursday.

More than 184,000 new COVID-19 infections nationwide occurred on Wednesday, according to the New York Time database. More than 400,000 people have died since the pandemic began last year.

“The situation will continue to get worse before it gets better,” Biden said.

Biden’s Pandemic Response Plan is centered around seven goals, the first of which focuses on “restoring” trust with the American people. Protecting the most endangered individuals by increasing access to quality health care is also a major goal of the plan.

“Specific actions include increasing funding for community health centers, strengthening support for safety net agencies, strengthening home and community-based services, expanding mental health care, and the impact of long-term COVID. Includes efforts to support care and research. ”State.

Biden has proposed numerous investments in home-based and community-based services as part of its “Build Back Better” plan, dating back to the presidential election.

In Wednesday’s pandemic program, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), including the Medicare & Medicaid Service Center (CMS) and Community Life Management Office, is tasked with identifying the “opportunities” and “financing mechanisms” it offers. It states that it is. Greater support for individuals receiving care at home.

The plan also states that the government will “pay special attention” to the “home care workforce crisis.”

Washington, DC-based Leading Age was one of the first aging services organizations to announce support for Biden’s COVID-19 response.

“The virus has been out of control for nearly a year and the community has been desperately seeking help,” Katie Smith Sloan, president and CEO of Leading Age, said in a statement. “Therefore, it is welcome and hopeful news that the new administration plans to put COVID at the top of its agenda on the first day.”

To better track the progress of vaccination of older people in meetings, communities, and in their homes, the Biden administration is also emerging ideas for new reporting methods.

For example, to increase incentives for Medicare beneficiaries to vaccinate, CMS will base COVID-19 vaccination quality measurements on value, including Medicare Advantage Star Ratings, Physician Quality Payment Programs, and Responsible. We will evaluate how to incorporate it into your purchasing program. Care program.

One of Biden’s executive orders has directed ministers to enact the Defense Production Act to increase the production of materials needed for vaccination.

“In the midst of a virus surge and community epidemic, we have come to the battlefield to protect older people and workers with limited support,” said Leading Age Sloan. “I hope this means that the cavalry will come, especially in the testing and vaccine initiative.”

According to another executive order, HHS, the Department of Defense, etc. will be able to provide “targeted surge support” to long-term care facilities, critical care facilities including skilled nursing facilities (SNF), and even life support facilities. Will be.

The new pandemic program follows several major HHS and CMS leadership announcements made earlier in the week.

The new administration on Wednesday used Lizrichter to tentatively lead the CMS during the presidential transition. The agency’s website lists Richter, who has been in various positions at the CMS since 1990, as acting administrator.

Former CMS administrator Seema Verma submitted his resignation last week on the effective date of January 20th.

The president on Tuesday nominated Dr. Rachel Levin as assistant health secretary. Levine is currently a Health Secretary in Pennsylvania and a Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at Pennsylvania State Medical College.

Biden has already appointed California Attorney General Xavier Besera as HHS secretary, but he must eventually appoint a CMS chief and be finally confirmed by the Senate.

Biden administration includes “home health care crisis” in new pandemic plan

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