Biden administration sues Texas over new abortion law

Washington — The Biden administration is preparing to sue Texas with a new law banning most abortions, people familiar with the matter said, when the future of abortion rights grows bigger and bigger in the federal state. Conflict-causing behavior-an imminent question in court.

The Justice Department said people could file a proceeding on Thursday, adding that the timing could be delayed. The Biden administration is facing pressure from Democrats and abortion groups, Supreme Court last week Allowed them to be enabled.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said Monday that the Justice Department was urgently investigating all its options. Trying to strip federal funds I’m trying to determine if there is a federal facility in the state that can provide an abortion. However, these experts warned that new provisions in the law banning most abortions about six weeks after pregnancy could make it difficult for the federal government to win the proceedings.

In writing the Texas Heartbeat Act, known as SB 8, lawmakers incentivize defendants accused of performing or supporting an abortion by granting damages of $ 10,000 or more if they successfully sued them. Was assigned to a private party. The law puts enforcement powers in the hands of civilians rather than state and local officials, leaving no obvious individual to sue.

The Justice Department is expected to pursue the argument that Texas law is illegally interfering with federal interests, one said. The exact nature of those discussions could not be learned immediately.

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Biden administration sues Texas over new abortion law

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