Biden administration transports 3.5 million Moderna vaccines to Colombia

Friday’s Biden administration ships 3.5 million Moderna COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Two White House officials told CBS News about the dose of vaccine to Colombia arriving in South American countries on Sunday. The 3.5 million doses represent both shots of the vaccine regiment and serve about half of those people.

In addition to the 2.5 million Johnson & Johnson doses the United States has already given to South American countries, this latest donation “makes Colombia the largest recipient of US vaccine donations in the region,” totaling. At a dose of 6 million doses, White House staff said.

White House officials confirmed last week that the United States sent a total of about 12.5 million doses to Latin American countries, including Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and now Colombia. According to the White House, the government has given Latin America a total of about 20 million doses, partly through COVAX, a global vaccination program run by the World Health Organization.

The latest cargo to Colombia will also be distributed to the growing population of about 2 million Venezuelan refugees fleeing from neighboring countries to Colombia.

“The donations of these vaccines will allow the Colombian government to provide broad protection to its citizens and some of the many Venezuelan migrants and refugees within their borders,” White House officials said. ..

“A new donation of 3.5 million Moderna vaccines will reach more vulnerable Colombians and Venezuelan immigrants,” the US Embassy in Colombia tweeted Friday.

Officials added that the United States is the only country to donate the COVID-19 vaccine to Colombia. Between the two donations, the United States helps “immunize almost 9% of Colombia’s total population.”

“The Colombian government has made great strides in its vaccination campaign. This donation will increase the total number of immunized Colombians from 20% to 24% of the population.” A senior White House official said.

according to Johns Hopkins UniversitySince the start of the pandemic, more than 4.5 million Colombians have been infected with COVID-19. Over 118,000 people have died.

Biden administration transports 3.5 million Moderna vaccines to Colombia

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