Biden advertises job acquisition as “historical progress”

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Report the economy 559,000 jobs added in May, accelerated from April, endorsed Democrats and Biden on Friday, vaccinations and his economic program put the economy on track after a temporary recovery from the pandemic recession Added new fuel to the president’s claim that he is starting to bring it back.

“This is a historic advance,” Biden said in a statement at Dell’s Rehovot Beach. “This progress is pulling our economy out of the worst crisis of the last 100 years,” he said.

He continues to credit his progress, both from his administration’s campaign to boost US vaccine production and distribution, and the $ 1.9 trillion financial aid bill that signed the law in March. I did.

“This success is by no means a coincidence,” Biden said. “In response to my efforts to put Americans on masks, vaccinated and under control.” And that’s not a small part of the bold action we took by passing the American bailout plan.

However, the report, which has fallen short of analysts’ expectations for the second straight month and shows a slight decline in the workforce, has also helped Republican critics of the president. They say that the strengthening of unemployment benefits extended by Mr. Biden’s aid law in March discourages workers from returning to work and can lead to faster recovery.

“Long-term unemployment is higher than it was when the pandemic began, and labor force participation reflects the stagnant 1970s,” Republican Rep. Kevin Brady said in a news release. It’s time to abandon US employment attacks, tax increases, anti-growth regulations, and increased emergency spending and endless government check obsessions. “

Republican governors across the country started under President Donald J. Trump and lasted until September under Mr. Biden’s aid package after the April report was significantly lower than expected, $ 300 a week. Moved to end the additional unemployment benefits prematurely.

Biden said on Friday that these benefits helped Americans survive the crisis, but said they would expire in 90 days. “It makes sense,” he said, “expiration date is 90 days.”

Whitehouse economists said last month that there was still no evidence that supplements were hindering work, but instead constraints such as school closures and childcare issues prevented women with children from returning to work. In addition to being, he said there are many working-age populations. Americans who were not completely vaccinated. On Friday, the administration’s economists doubled the reading.

“It’s too early to conclude that labor supply problems are hampering the long-term recovery path,” Cecilia Rouse, chair of the White House’s Economic Advisory Board, said in a blog post Friday morning. Said.

Parliamentary Democratic leaders continued to demand that unemployment benefits continue on schedule and that lawmakers move to establish the rest of Mr Biden’s $ 4 trillion economic agenda.

“The American people, especially the black and Hispanic communities most affected by the pandemic, need all the support they can get,” said Congressman Don Bayer of Virginia, who chairs the Joint Economic Commission. “Lawers need to step up, including ongoing strengthening of the UI to help workers seeking jobs, and Congress passing President Byden’s employment and family planning. . “

Biden advertises job acquisition as “historical progress”

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