Biden and G7 leaders promise to donate 1 billion COVID-19 vaccines

President Biden joins other world democracy leaders on the first day of the Group 7 Summit in the United Kingdom, restores US relations with world democracy, and COVID-19 and other global challenges. Encourage them to unite to confront.

Leaders from the G7 and guest countries will provide the world with over 1 billion additional COVID-19 vaccine doses. 500 million will come from the United States, The White House said on Friday. The United States leads the G7 and other countries in the global COVID-19 vaccination campaign. On Thursday, Biden announced a US $ 3.5 billion donation of Pfizer dose to the United States.

The message from the president is that the world’s largest democracy is working together and that democracy remains the most effective form of government.

(LR) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, President Charles Michel of the European Commission, President Joe Byden of the United States, Prime Minister Yoshihide Kan of Japan, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Mario Draghi of Italy, Emmanuel of France -Chairman Macron, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Reyen and German Prime Minister Angela Merkel pose for family photos at the start of the G7 Summit in Carvis Bay, Cornwall on June 11, 2021. ..

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The first day of the G7 summit comes after Mr. Biden said he had a “very productive” meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday. When he met Biden on Thursday, Johnson said, “Everyone is really excited to see you,” calling the president “a breath of fresh air.”

Some people have already gone beyond the summit and are watching a presidential meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin next Wednesday. Prior to the first G7 session, reporters asked the president what his message to Putin was when Mr Biden met him.

“I’ll tell you when it’s delivered,” the president replied. First Lady Jill Biden said Thursday after being asked if her husband was ready for the meeting, he was “not ready.”

During the weekend, G7 leaders spend a lot of time discussing how their countries can contribute to the recovery of the global economy, as many countries are still suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. ..

Leaders also discuss climate change, education, and how democracy, not dictatorship, sets the highest standards. Group of Seven leaders are also expected to announce their commitment to end the pandemic and donate vaccines to less wealthy countries.

In 2018, when G7 leaders gathered, President Trump did not sign the communiqué and attacked Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as “weak.”

On Friday night, G7 members and their spouses will have dinner with Queen Elizabeth II. Most meetings are held on Saturdays.

First Lady Jill Biden and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton visit a school in Cornwall on Friday morning. I met a rabbit The children took care of me at school. The First Lady also attended a roundtable meeting between Middleton and child development experts to discuss the importance of parental involvement and education in the early stages of a child.

Biden and G7 leaders promise to donate 1 billion COVID-19 vaccines

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