Biden and Yun agree to strengthen deterrence against North Korea

The United States and South Korea have promised to seek “new additional steps” to strengthen North Korea’s deterrence. We continue to develop nuclear weapons.

President Joe Biden visits Asia To reassure allies of US commitment For regional security as China pushes for influence.

President of South Korea Yoon tin cassotte At a joint press conference with Biden in Seoul on Saturday, the two leaders said they had discussed a “timely deployment” of US strategic assets, including fighters, bombers and missiles.

Yun, who took office earlier this month, added that “more concrete discussions” would continue between the two national security councils.

South Korea is Seeking greater peace of mind from the United StatesThe closest security ally as North Korea’s nuclear weapon Scale and sophistication continue to improve Despite years of strict international sanctions and periods of extreme self-isolation imposed by Kim Jong Un in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I see North Korea advancing its nuclear and missile capabilities every day. President Biden and I share serious concerns, which deserve our greatest attention,” Yun said. Told.

SPaul Choi, founder of the Seoul-based political risk advisory Strat Ways Group, said it is a good sign that the two presidents have promised to strengthen negotiations and strengthen deterrence in “new additional steps.” Stated.

Biden and Yun discuss the deployment of US fighters, bombers and missiles © YONHAP / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

“In order for South Korea to get the necessary guarantees, it needed to raise this issue to the presidential level. The White House needs to be involved to significantly strengthen deterrence,” he said.

Yun and Biden reiterated their “common goal of completely denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula,” and told reporters that if they could prove that Kim Jong-un was “honest and serious,” he would consider meeting with North Korean Prime Minister Kim Jong-un. Told.

Some experts criticized Biden and Yun for emphasizing deterrence, claiming that they rarely constrained North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons.

Go Myung-hyun, a senior researcher at the Sagayama Policy Institute in Seoul, said the Biden administration “learned lessons” from the failure of former President Donald Trump to negotiate with a North Korean dictator.

“Trump provided Kim a lot, but the North Koreans weren’t upset,” Go said. “We can’t really blame the Biden administration for being skeptical of engagement — and it leaves deterrence as the only option.”

Biden also told reporters that the United States had provided a vaccine to North Korea. Fighting the outbreak of a large-scale coronavirusAnd to China: “We are ready to do that soon. No response.”

The summit was held on the second day of Biden’s visit to South Korea. Asian Tour Meanwhile, the President of the United States has emphasized the importance of securing the US supply chain.

On Friday, Samsung’s heir Lee Jae-yong gave Biden and Yun a private tour of the conglomerate’s flagship semiconductor facility, and Hyundai took advantage of Biden’s visit to announce an investment of $ 5.5 billion. we.

Biden and Yun agree to strengthen deterrence against North Korea

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