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St. Louis, Missouri 2021-10-28 12:01:00 –

Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden declares in Congress that he has reached a “historic economic framework” with the Democratic Party on a fierce domestic policy package announced hours before he departs for the overseas summit. bottom.

Biden’s statement at the White House calls on Democrats for a still solid domestic package of $ 1.75 trillion in social welfare and climate change programs, which the White House believes can pass the 50-50 Senate. After appealing, it was issued after visiting Capitol Hill.

“It will fundamentally change the lives of millions of people,” Biden said at the White House.

Biden told lawmakers that he had more domestic achievements than Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, along with a $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill heading for the final vote on Thursday.

“I need your vote,” Biden told lawmakers earlier, according to someone who requested anonymity to discuss his personal remarks.

Biden was eager for the deal at hand before leaving for the World Summit later that day. However, the revised package has lost some of the Democratic Party’s top priorities as the president’s ambitions give way to the political reality of the narrowly divided parliament.

Efforts to lower paid family vacations and prescription drug prices are now completely unpackaged, according to government officials who asked reporters to remain anonymous for new details.

Still mixed: a free kindergarten for all young people, an expanded healthcare program including the launch of a new $ 35 billion hearing aid benefit for people with Medicare, and 555 billion to tackle climate change. Dollar.

There is also a one-year extension of the childcare tax credit implemented between the COVID-19 rescue and the new childcare subsidy. An additional $ 100 billion to strengthen immigration and border processing systems could push the entire package to $ 1.85 trillion if Senate rules are cleared.

Even support for narrowed packages is still a problem, Biden said when he left the Capitol, “I think we’ll be in good shape.”

At least one crucial supporter, Senator Kyrsten Cinema, Arizona, made a similar tone. “I’m looking forward to this being achieved.”

But another supporter, Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.), Was less enthusiastic.

Biden’s new bill, which is taking shape after months of negotiations, is still one of the most radical of its kind, modeled after the New Deal and the programs of the Great Society. is. The White House calls this the largest investment in climate change history and has made the greatest improvements to the national health system for over a decade.

According to those who attended the private meeting, Biden was in a meeting with parliamentarians at the Houses of Parliament for the Global Summit to show world leaders, including Russia and China, that democracy is still functioning. He said he wanted to make progress when he arrived in Rome.

“We are at an inflection point,” Biden said. “Other countries in the world are wondering if we can function.”

“It’s no exaggeration to say that the majority of the House and Senate and my presidency will be determined by what happens next week,” he said.

At one point, Biden “sought a lively and enthusiastic vote on his plans,” said D-Mass Rep. Richard Neale.

Virginia Congressman Gerald Connolly stood up twice during the hour-long meeting and began shouting “vote, vote, vote.”

Biden’s proposal is in line with his plan to impose an additional 5% tax on income above $ 10 million annually and no new tax on income below $ 400,000 annually, with a new 15% tax. It will be paid by imposing a minimum corporate tax on the company, officials said. ..

Revenues to support package payments will also come from rolling back some of the Trump administration’s 2017 tax cuts, along with the enhanced enforcement of the Dodgers by the IRS. Biden vowed to bear the full cost of the plan so that it did not overlap with the debt burden.

However, this framework is not yet a complete legislative text, and what lawmakers and aides warned has not yet been agreed by lawmakers.

Democratic Congressman Pramira Jayapal, a progressive Caucus leader, said the announcement of the new framework “will show tremendous momentum.” But I want to see the actual text because I want to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. “

Progressive has withheld support for the smaller bipartisan infrastructure bill as leverage until it commits to a broader Biden package agreement they prefer.

Its $ 1 trillion infrastructure road, broadband and other public works projects have already passed the Senate and are facing Sunday’s voting deadline.

In the split Senate, Biden needs the support of all Democrats and can’t afford to vote. The house is also divided with a margin of just a few votes.

Two major Democratic supporters, Manchin and Cinema, have shrunk the scale and scope of the party’s big vision with almost one hand.

Cinema is committed to pushing the Republican promise to cancel the 2017 tax cuts, forcing Democrats to take a different approach than simply raising the maximum tax rates for individuals and businesses.

And Manchin’s resistance to government programs forced serious cuts to clean energy programs and the complete abolition of paid family vacations. He argued that parents receiving new childcare subsidies had work requirements.

White House officials have repeatedly met with two senators, Manchin and Cinema, who are now in huge power, essentially deciding whether Biden can fulfill the Democratic Party’s major election promises. ing.

At the same time, progressives have achieved one important priority. It’s Vermont’s independent Bernie Sanders proposal to offer hearing aid benefits to Medicare people. However, his idea of ​​including dental and visual treatments was omitted.

Other expanded health care programs are based on affordable care laws by funding subsidies to help people buy insurance policies and indemnification in states that have rejected the Obama Care program. increase.

Overall, the new package also sets the political battle for the future. Much of the medical funding expires in 2025, ensuring campaign issues ahead of the next presidential election. The parenting tax credit will expire in parallel with next year’s midterm elections, when parliamentary control will be determined.

Despite a series of deadlines, Democrats have been unable to close deals between them, and Republicans are overwhelmingly opposed to the package. At best, Democrats were able to send Biden abroad in a transaction at hand and unlock the process while the final details were sewn.


Associated Press writers Zeke Miller, Colleen Long, Farnoush Amiri, Kevin Freking, and Padmananda Rama contributed to this report.

Biden announces ‘historic’ deal, asks Democrats for votes | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Biden announces ‘historic’ deal, asks Democrats for votes | St. Louis News Headlines

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