Biden appoints Big Tech critics as top antitrust police officer

The White House said Tuesday that it would nominate Jonathan Canter as the highest antitrust authority in the Justice Department. This will add another long-standing critic of Big Tech and corporate concentration to a strong regulatory position.

President Biden’s plan to appoint Mr. Canter, an antitrust lawyer who built his career by representing rivals of American high-tech giants like Google and Facebook, is a legislator, researcher, and regulation called Silicon. Shows how strongly the administration is cooperating in the growing field of the authorities Valley has gained tremendous power in how Americans talk to each other, buy products online and consume news. ..

Biden nominated other Big Tech critics for prominent roles such as: Lina Khan, Amazon critic, heads the Federal Trade Commission. Another legal scholar, Tim Wu, who says regulators need to crack down on tech giants, is playing an economic policy role at the White House.And this month, Mr. Biden Drastic executive order It aims to intensify competition in the economy as a whole and limit corporate control.

Canter, 47, is the founder of the Canter Law Group, which claims to be an “antitrust boutique” online. He previously worked for law firms Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. His service has attracted some of Big Tech’s most prominent critics of American companies, including News Corp. of Rupert Murdoch and starters such as Microsoft, Spotify and Yelp.

If he is confirmed by the Senate, Canter will lead a division of the Justice Department that filed a lawsuit last year alleging that Google illegally protected its monopoly on online search services. The agency’s antitrust department is also asking about Apple’s business practices.

The White House took more than six months from Mr. Biden’s oath to landing on Mr. Canter. The administration had to reconcile the progressive and moderate factions within its party with the potential for Republican support in the split Senate.

This decision has gained immediate approval from policy makers and advocates to help lead the responsibility for enforcing stricter antitrust legislation.

Minnesota Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar, who heads the Antitrust Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee, called Mr. Canter a “good choice” and advocated his “deep legal experience and positive action.” Was quoted.

Sara Miller“President Biden has made a good choice to lead the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department,” Canter said in a statement, the secretary-general of the U.S. Economic Freedom Project, a progressive advocate. “”His career was dedicated to revitalizing antitrust enforcement. “

In a text message, lawyer Makan Delrahim, who led the Justice Department’s antitrust efforts under President Donald J. Trump, said Canter was the “great leader” of the sector and made him a private sector. He called him a “serious lawyer” in the department. Government experience.

This announcement may not be well accepted by Wall Street deal makers who helped increase the volume of mergers and acquisitions. Recording levelPartially driven by the vibrant stock market.

Washington’s scrutiny of the acquisition has gone beyond the headlined Big Tech deal to include industries such as consumer goods, agriculture, insurance and healthcare.

The Justice Department has appealed to block the proposed merger of Aon and Willis Towers Watson. First major antitrust law Since Mr. Biden took office. FTC Announcement In March, we formed a group to “update” our approach to assessing the impact of pharmaceutical transactions. This industry is generally within that range. It scrutinized industry transactions, following a report led by California Democrat Katie Porter.

In recent years, Canter has built an unusual practice by criticizing tech giants from within Washington’s corporate law firm. Tech giants have become lucrative clients of major law firms, often making it difficult for them to work for their enemies.

But last year he left Paul Weiss, an elite corporate litigation firm. Because his portfolio, which represents the critics of the tech giant, clashed with other work the company was doing.

“Jonathan made this decision because of a complex legal dispute that would require him to cease relationships with important and long-standing customer representatives,” the company said at the time.

Mr. Canter’s critics may wonder if his previous work was a conflict of interest and needed to keep him away from the investigation of tech giants. Both Facebook and Amazon have urged Mr. Khan to withdraw from issues related to FTC’s businesses, even though her background is a legal scholar and not a paid representative of rivals.

White House officials have been asked if Mr. Canter will withdraw from the proceedings over Google and Apple, and he is confident that the administration will be able to proceed with his nomination, given his expertise and records. Said.

Even if Mr. Canter has a vote to check, it can take months for him to take over to the Justice Department. Congress takes a long break in August — it may push his confirmation past Workers’ Day.

Cecilia Kang Contribution report.

Biden appoints Big Tech critics as top antitrust police officer

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