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Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-06-11 19:54:43 –

With a rambling performance that takes three-quarters of an hour President Joe Biden spoke In Tulsa on the anniversary of the 1921 murder. He exposed the audience to the usual broken sentences, omitting keywords and part of speech, and sometimes making them completely incomprehensible. To be fair, he should be noted that in this regard he is nothing worse than some of the other recent presidents. Bush II and Trump also struggled to create easy-to-understand English sentences.

Still, despite the ramblings, Biden’s speech provides some interesting insights into his thoughts, or perhaps the modern cliché he is a parrot.

In common with many recent commentators, Biden described what happened in Tulsa as “racial massacre.” This is accurate, but abstracts it from many other racial (and other) riots that are especially common during the 1917-1923 era. Nothing was as bad as Tulsa, but some are slaughter.

Like many others, Biden described the Tulsa case as one of the worst genocide in our history, and that he and perhaps ours finally discovered it. Blessed the rest. “For too long, the history of what happened was covered in darkness and spoken in silence. But just because history is silent does not mean that it did not happen.”

After lengthy wandering around the details of the nasty murder, he strangely Destruction of property Involved as if it were virtually just as important. After all, he linked his enthusiasm for “history” to equal violence and oppression against other non-white groups. A little away from his obsession with racing, the second Ku Klux Klan, founded in 1915, against other people, especially his fellow Catholics who “come to the United States after World War I.” I realized that it was hostile.

As is often the case, “history” has become a prop of today’s obsession. Therefore, Tulsa has become an example of “domestic terrorism”, surrounded by what happened in Charlottesville a few years ago (only one was killed!) And modern hate crimes against Asians and Jews. I will. Minority groups, or the mentally ill people we have come out to our city very humanely. But this was all due to white supremacists, and Biden assured us that it was the “most deadly threat” to America, not to Islamic terrorists.

The 2001 relative casualties list and white racist conduct suggest that this is not the case.

Well, I don’t know how many people were killed in Tulsa. We may have a better idea when the mass grave is excavated, but it is certainly at least 40 and can be as high as 300, but the last number established in the media It is often misreported as a fact that has been done.

By the way, uncertainty about the number of deaths is also common in other riots and slaughter of the era. The very common nature of racial riots and anti-labor violence in the late 19th and early 20th centuries is not well-argued, well-explained, but otherwise criminal rates. Seems to have been quite low by later standards. .. Whatever we don’t know about Tulsa, as some have suggested, it was arguably not the biggest slaughter in American history.That suspicious honor belongs to at least the murder 500 white civiliansIn Minnesota by Santi Sue in the Dakota War of 1862.

Contrary to Biden’s suggestion, Tulsa was not a big secret. The 1921 news media was surprisingly decentralized by our standards. It consisted of hundreds of major newspapers. In a city of decent size at the time, there were several treatises of various political loyalty. New York Times, Dedicated a one-page headline story to Tulsa on June 2, 1921, at which time it was estimated that 85 people had been killed. The event of this treatment by the country’s largest newspaper was largely unsecret.

Tulsa was more unforgettable by “history” than the second Ku Klux Klan. Virtually any job about the period during World War II mentions a wave of racial riots.Frederick Lewis Allen, the most famous book about the period from the end of World War I to the beginning of the Great Depression Only yesterdayIt was a huge bestseller in the 1930s and has been reprinted frequently since then, but it didn’t spend a lot of space on riot races because it wasn’t Allen’s tea. Nonetheless, Allen described Tulsa as “another major proportion of riots” after describing Chicago as “virtually in a state of civil war” in 1919.

That’s it for “silence” and “cloaking in the dark”!

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