Biden blocks the rules of gig workers in the Trump era

The Byden administration has suggested that it would block regulations during the Trump era, which would make it easier for companies to classify gig workers and others as independent contractors, and take a stricter enforcement stance on employers regarding the classification of workers.

The Ministry of Labor said on Wednesday it was disabled Rules completed in early January This was intended to make it more difficult for gig workers, such as Uber and DoorDash drivers, and other workers to be counted as employees under federal law. Having an employee status rather than a contractor means that those workers are subject to the federal minimum wage and overtime law.

Jessica Ruman, chief deputy manager of the Ministry of Labor’s Wages and Times Division, said Trump’s rules narrowed down not only gig workers but also workers in the economy as a whole, with more employees contracting. He said he would be classified as a trader.

“Misclassification of employees as independent contractors is one of the most serious problems facing workers today,” she said in a phone call with reporters.

Looman added that the agency recently filed a lawsuit against a restaurant that classified the dishwasher as a contractor and found 70 home health assistants who were misclassified as contractors. She said the ministry would look for opportunities to enforce existing legislation, especially when applied to low-wage workers.

Biden blocks the rules of gig workers in the Trump era

Source link Biden blocks the rules of gig workers in the Trump era

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