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Washington-President Joe Biden’s $ 6 trillion budget for next year is a $ 1.8 trillion federal despite a large number of new tax increases for businesses and high-income earners designed for his ambitious spending plans. It will be a government deficit.

Biden had already announced key budget plans, but during Friday’s rollout he plans to combine them into a single proposal and incorporate it into the government’s existing budget framework, including social security and Medicare. .. This will give you a more complete picture of the administration’s financial position.

Capitol Hill’s aides confirmed key elements of the Biden project, first reported by the New York Times on Thursday. The document has not yet been published, so they said on condition of anonymity.

Huge deficit forecasts are driven by Biden’s costly plans for infrastructure and social spending, as well as large-scale new investments in the domestic Cabinet Office. The budget incorporates the administration’s eight-year infrastructure proposal of $ 2.3 trillion and a $ 1.8 trillion US family plan, and his $ 1.5 trillion against the Pentagon’s and domestic agency’s annual operating budget. Request details have been added.

Biden’s budget criticizes the new Democratic administration for its “tax and spending” agenda, which damages Republicans and imposes devastating debt burdens on young Americans, resulting in deficits. On the other hand, it will surely give the Republicans a new bullet. But, as many financial officials are concerned, the huge deficit has not yet pushed up interest rates.

“Now is the time to lay the foundation we have laid to make bold investments in families, communities and countries,” Biden said Thursday to promote his economic plans in Cleveland. “From history, we know that this kind of investment raises both the lower and upper limits of the economy for everyone.”

The extraordinary timing of budget rollouts — Friday before the Memorial Day weekend — shows that the White House is reluctant to publicize bad news in the red. Parliamentarians usually hold budget hearings immediately, but they have to wait for Congress to return from a week-long recess.

Under Biden’s plan, national debt will exceed economic scale and will soon exceed record debt levels compared to GDP since World War II. It has proposed more than $ 3 trillion in tax increases over the last decade, including raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, raising the capital gains rate for top-income earners, and returning the top-class personal income tax to 39.6%. Nevertheless.

Like all presidential budgets, Biden’s plan is just a suggestion. It is up to Congress to implement it through tax and spending legislation and annual government budget bills. Barely because the Democrats dominate Capitol Hill, the president has the ability to carry out much of his tax and spending plans, but gives domestic institutions more budget increases than promised to the Pentagon. His hope of giving will certainly run into Republican obstacles .. But some Democrats are already reluctant to see Mr Biden’s full menu of tax increases.

Mr Biden’s plan came as the White House sought an agreement with the Senate Republicans on infrastructure spending. There is growing expectation that both the House of Representatives and the Senate will have to pass the plan alone, relying on the support of the Democratic Party’s limited majority.

A flood of new spending to provide $ 200 billion in 10 years to provide free kindergarten for all children aged 3 and 4 and a two-year free community college for all Americans Includes $ 109 billion. In addition, $ 225 billion will provide childcare support, enabling many to pay up to 7% of their income for all children under the age of five. Over the next decade, an additional $ 225 billion will create a national family and medical leave program, and $ 200 billion will make the recently enacted subsidy increase under the Obama Medical Care Act permanent.

Such a tax increase will increase federal spending to about 25% of GDP, which means that if implemented, revenues will approach 20% of the size of the economy.

The $ 3.1 trillion budget deficit under President Donald Trump last year was more than double the previous record as the coronavirus pandemic cut revenues and surged spending.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki told Air Force One that Biden has taken over the deficit already swelled by the relief of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), according to the administration’s initiative. He promised that “the financial base will improve in the long run.”

Biden’s team has shown that recent polls show that the public is largely in favor of ideas such as improving roads, bridges and broadband, and plans to raise taxes on businesses and upper-class income earners.

Biden budget to run $1.8 trillion deficit to finance spending plans Source link Biden budget to run $1.8 trillion deficit to finance spending plans

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