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(NEXSTAR) — President Biden calls on “states, territories, and local governments” to offer $ 100 payments to newly vaccinated Americans as part of additional incentives to increase vaccination rates , The Treasury announced Thursday.

According to the Treasury, the US Rescue Program has allocated $ 350 billion to state, territory, and local governments in the form of state and local financial recovery fund programs.

“Today, the president will offer $ 100 to all newly vaccinated Americans as an additional incentive to increase vaccination rates, protect communities and save lives. We are calling on the local government, “said the ministry.

Earlier this year, financial authorities determined that recipients could use the funds to provide incentives to encourage people to vaccinate.

“The Treasury is ready to provide technical assistance to help state and local governments use their funds effectively to help increase immunization in their communities. The Treasury is ready to do this. We will partner with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare through, “said the ministry. ..

Biden will officially announce the initiative on Thursday afternoon.

Biden launches vaccine promotion for millions of federal workers

Biden will also have to show evidence that millions of federal workers have been vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine on Thursday, or be subject to regular inspections and strict social distance, masking, and travel restrictions. Will be announced.

Individuals familiar with the president’s plan, who spoke on condition of anonymity to see details that have not yet been published, decided that the new guidance was not a vaccination obligation for federal officials and would not be vaccinated. One is at risk of being dismissed, emphasizing that this is not the case.

The new policy is to help the government, the largest employer in the United States, help lower vaccination rates, primarily due to the spread of highly infectious delta variants as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations rebound. It corresponds to the recognition by the Byden administration that many things have to be done.

Biden blamed the unvaccinated people for the resurrection of the virus head-on.

“The pandemic we have right now is an unvaccinated pandemic,” Biden shoots “request, request, request, request” to unvaccinated people when he visits a truck factory in Pennsylvania on Wednesday. Prompted. The day before, he thought, “If the other 100 million people were vaccinated, we would be in a completely different world.”

The administration on Wednesday is still considering the details of the expected guidance, leaving important questions about its implementation and scope. It was unclear whether the president would issue similar requirements to the military and how federal contractors would be affected. The government is currently announcing this move, hoping that government agencies will have sufficient time to develop their own guidelines and implementation plans before workers are fully returned to the office.

The announcement will be part of Thursday’s broad remarks that Biden promised to outline “the next step in our efforts to vaccinate more Americans.”

Individuals said the conversation on the new vaccine guidance had been underway for some time and was intended to provide an example for private companies to follow as workers prepare to return this fall. But it’s a week of new coronavirus mitigation efforts as the White House is working on a surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations caused by delta mutations and breakthrough infections among vaccinated Americans. This is the latest policy shift from the administration of.

On Monday, the Department of Veterans Affairs became the first federal agency to request vaccinations for its health care workers. And on Tuesday, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention overturned its masking guidelines, stating that all Americans living in areas with significantly or high coronavirus infections should wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. I did.

By Wednesday, reporters and staff were once again masked at the White House, with the latest CDC data showing that Washington DC is facing significant infection rates.

The new guidance on immunization of federal personnel reflects the reality that Biden’s national immunization drive is below his goals. Associated Press-A recent poll from the NORC Public Relations Center found that 35% of unvaccinated American adults said they probably wouldn’t, and 45% said they wouldn’t. , Public opinion about vaccines seems to be solidified. They definitely don’t.

“Doing more of the same doesn’t work,” said Dr. Lina Wen, a former Baltimore health commissioner who has become a major public health critic in the pandemic.

“This is the logical next step,” Wen continued. “If you want to go to work and interact with others, you need to make sure you’re not infected with COVID. You can do that by getting vaccinated or testing.”

About 60% of American adults are fully vaccinated. Biden failed to meet the goal of 70% of adults getting at least one shot by July 4. The latest figure is 69.3%.

Federal workers and contractor employees are spread across the country, including in many states where skepticism about vaccines is rising. New York University civil servant Paul Wright suggested that new guidance from the Biden administration could help increase immunization rates in states where there was considerable resistance.

“In many parts of the country you can’t throw a stick without bait,” he said.

Mr Wright said the government’s influence far exceeds those directly employed by the government. Federal contractors and grant recipients need to consider how to adapt to immunization requirements from Washington.

“If the federal government says that everyone who works directly or indirectly for the government must be vaccinated, that’s a big footprint,” Wright said.

He estimated that the federal government directly employed 2.2 million full-time civil servants, 1.4 million active duty personnel, and about 500,000 workers at the United States Postal Service. Private contractors work in federal jobs with approximately 5 million employees and 1.8 million other people employed under federal grants.

The administration wants the new guidance to increase vaccination rates, but if it further fuels distrust of vaccines among Republican critics and presidential critics, Biden’s ongoing political affairs surrounding vaccines. Walking head-on in the midst of a debate may backfire.

AP-NORC polls show that vaccination views are broadly divided according to party policy, and it is much more likely that Republicans are less vaccinated than Democrats, arguably, or perhaps so. Must not be 43% to 10%.

In fact, South Carolina Republican Ralph Norman, who resisted the new mask requirements at Capitol Hill, hinted at a fight to overcome the new guidelines.

“Required individuals to provide evidence of vaccination would be a major intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship and personal privacy,” he said in a statement.

The Biden administration may also need to tackle legal challenges against the latest guidelines.

Because federal workplaces are controlled by a layer of rules and regulations, not only private employers, but also state and local governments are considering White House vaccination policies, causing resistance and even proceedings from employees. Shows how far you can go without.

However, both the Justice Department and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have stated that there is no federal law prohibiting companies from requiring vaccination as a condition of employment, but the lawyer is certain to comply with workplace obligations. Said Sharon Parley Masling, an employment lawyer who leads COVID. Morgan Lewis’s 19 Task Forces.

“It’s a really challenging issue for employers,” Masling said. “We have seen employers exploring all options, from encouraging vaccination to encouraging vaccination, requiring new employees or everyone to be vaccinated.”

In the example of a large company, Delta and United Airlines require new employees to show proof of vaccination. Goldman Sachs requires employees to disclose their vaccination status, but does not require them to be vaccinated.

If the employer sets strict requirements, the employee may seek an exemption for medical or religious reasons under federal civil rights law.

According to EEOC rules, an employer must provide “reasonable accommodation that does not cause undue difficulty in running the employer’s business.” Some adaptations may include workplace masking, social distance, modified shift work, regular COVID-19 testing, or the option to work remotely, and even the provision of reassignments. there is.


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