Biden Ends Infrastructure Negotiations with Republican Senator

President Biden ends negotiations with Senator Shelley Moore Capito and Republicans on infrastructure bills, and on Tuesday in Capito, the latest Republican proposal repairs roads and bridges and prepares the country for a dependent future “It doesn’t meet the essential needs of our country,” said Jen Pusaki, a White House spokesman. Clean energy and job creation.

Mr. Saki said Biden had spoken to several members of the House of Representatives and the Senate over the past two days and was grateful for Mr. Capito’s efforts and “honest dialogue.” “We have increased the proposed new investment by only $ 150 billion.”

The president will look to a group of bipartisan senators preparing their own infrastructure proposals. Saki has spoken to Senator Cinema, Senator Cassidy, and Senator Manchin, and said he will stay in touch with them during his stay in Europe.

A bipartisan team led by Republican Senator Mitt Romney (Utah) was working on an alternative to the proposal by Capito’s group as a backup in the event of a breach of negotiations with the White House.

Senator John Barrasso, a Republican in Wyoming, told reporters that there was little evidence that Mr Biden had compromised during the negotiations.

“The closest we’ve ever been to the day we were in the Oval Office with the president,” Barasso said on Tuesday. “He never actually moved us. With regards to core infrastructure, we received a lot of broad requests about what the American people don’t consider to be infrastructure, and he never diminished his desire to continue raising taxes. ”

Government officials told CBS News that Biden asked Capito and her group if they were willing to significantly increase new spending of $ 928 billion or $ 257 billion over five years. It lowered the proposal from $ 2.3 trillion to $ 1.7 trillion. Capito proposed an additional $ 50 billion in a conversation with Biden on Friday. President refused..

Financing has been a challenge in ongoing negotiations between the Republicans and the White House. Mr Biden proposed raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, but was completely rejected by Republicans who were reluctant to touch the 2017 tax cuts signed by former President Trump. Republican groups have proposed using funds from previous coronavirus bailouts to pay the bill, but the White House has refused and opposes the idea of ​​user fees.

The president met with Mr. Capito at the White House last Wednesday and Emphasized some of the plans to be covered by corporate taxFor example, the most profitable companies in the country are taxed at least 15%. However, while this approach may leave the 2017 tax cuts intact, it may not be enough to satisfy Republican lawmakers.

In a statement on Tuesday, Capito said he was “disappointed with his decision” to end the negotiations.

“Through the negotiations, we worked with respect, completely and very openly, and provided some serious countermeasures representing the largest infrastructure investment offered by Republicans,” said Capito. “Despite progress in negotiations, the president continued to respond with proposals that included tax increases as salaries, instead of some practical options that did not harm individuals, families, and small businesses.”

Mr. Biden added that Mr. Biden’s decision “does not mean that bipartisanism is not feasible.” Approved several bipartisan infrastructure bills Recently.

It’s unclear if Biden will be able to reach an agreement with a bipartisan group, but Romney said their proposal included compensation.

The small group consists of about six senators, including Republican Senators Rob Portman, Susan Collins, Lisa Markovsky, Senator Romney, Kyrsten Cinema, and Joe Manchin. I will. Romney told reporters Tuesday that his group would soon accept the proposal to the G-20, a group of 20 Senators from both parties.

Romney told reporters Tuesday that his group had a “topline number” and was “classified by category and reward.”

If Mr Biden fails to reach an agreement with a bipartisan group, Democrats may try to pass his infrastructure proposal through budget adjustments. However, Manchin says he does not want to use the settlement to pass infrastructure bills as long as bipartisan negotiations are feasible.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer suggested on Tuesday that some provisions in Biden’s plan could pass the settlement, while others would traditionally be approved.

“The part of the bill that is passed is bipartisan and partly may be due to a settlement, but we are not going to sacrifice the grandeur and boldness of this bill. We are just 2 We will pursue one path and one day we will participate, “Schumer said at a press conference.

In a statement, Mr. Biden met with Mr. Schumer and began working on a budget resolution process so that he could submit a bill to the Senate in July to promote the president’s economic priorities and tax reform plans. We talked about the need. “

Biden Ends Infrastructure Negotiations with Republican Senator

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