Biden expected to nominate Blinken as secretary of state – Twin Cities

2020-11-22 22:14:19 –


Washington (AP) —President-elect Joe Biden is expected to appoint Antony Brinken as Secretary of State, according to people familiar with the Biden team’s plans.

An adviser on the transition of the president-elect said he would make his first cabinet announcement on Tuesday.

Brinken, 58, is Deputy Secretary of State and Deputy Secretary of State Security under the Obama administration and has a close relationship with Biden. If nominated and confirmed, four years after President Donald Trump questioned the long-standing alliance, he will be the driving force behind the upcoming administration’s bid to rebuild relations between the United States and the rest of the world. Will be.

In nominating Brinken, Biden is annoyed that the other two candidates on his short list could influence the confirmation of US top diplomats Susan Rice and Senator Chris Coons. Worked around the problem.

Rice would have faced serious Republican opposition and perhaps rejection in the Senate. She has long been a Republican target, including a statement she made after the 2012 deadly attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

Koons’ departure from the Senate would have come, as other Democratic senators are being considered for administrative positions and the party wants to regain the Senate. The results of two outflow elections in Georgia in January are in control.

Brinken recently attended a national security briefing between Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to publicly discuss notable foreign policy issues in Egypt and Ethiopia.

Biden’s Secretary of State will be very depressed at the State Department and will inherit a depleted career workforce. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Mike Pompeo have shown weak resistance to attempts to eradicate government agencies that were blocked only by parliamentary intervention.

The ministry has escaped significant budget cuts of more than 30% for the third consecutive year, but has seen a significant number of diplomats leaving the senior and mid-level ranks who chose to retire or quit foreigners. I have come. A service given a limited outlook for progress under a regime they believe they do not value their expertise.

A long-time democratic foreign policy graduate from Harvard University and Columbia Law School, Brinken has called for a major reinvestment in US diplomacy and has many former national security renewals of global involvement. I have been working with high security officials.

He became a staff director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when Biden chaired him after attending the National Security Council during the Clinton administration. In the early days of the Obama administration, Brinken returned to the NSC, serving as National Security Adviser to then Vice President Biden, and then to the State Department to represent Secretary of State John Kerry.

Biden expected to nominate Blinken as secretary of state – Twin Cities Source link Biden expected to nominate Blinken as secretary of state – Twin Cities

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