Biden faces legislature log jam for Christmas

Capitol Hill lawmakers are back at work after Thanksgiving’s vacation faces a log jam in favor of a vote that provides another important test of Joe Biden’s political power towards Christmas.

After the president Sign $ 1.2tn With the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed earlier this month, Democratic Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer has invested $ 1.75 trillion in US social safety nets, the second major part of Biden’s legislative agenda. , I vowed to pass by December 25th. A long list of issues that are still splitting his party.

At the same time, the clock is ticking for the Democratic Party to enter into several agreements with the Republicans to avoid the closure of the federal government, avoid defaults, and continue to fund the US military.

Minnesota Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar likened the imminent “drama” to a “miniseries,” but claimed that Democrats could pass the checklist in the coming weeks.

“We’ll talk a little less and act more … That’s what we’ll need next month,” Klobuchar told ABC News on Sunday.

The first big deadline is this Friday, and members of both parliaments must agree to continue funding the government. Otherwise, hundreds of thousands of federal employees are at risk of losing their jobs.

Democrats have indicated their intention to fund the government for a few more weeks on Tuesday to introduce a “continuous resolution” or temporary measure to kick the cans later this month or perhaps next year.

Another important funding shortage for parliamentarians comes in the form of the National Defense Authorization Act. This is an annual bill to fund the US military, which is often the subject of political controversy, as lawmakers often attempt to work on irrelevant amendments.

Schumer tried to push the legislation on Monday night, but his efforts were stopped by Republicans who said further discussion was needed.

Mitch McConnell, a minority leader in the Republican Senate, said: “This is more important than the political schedule of the party’s wish list.”

The budget battle is taking place in the shadow of an even bigger economic threat: the fact that the US government is on a clash course because of its breach. Debt limit Immediately next month.

“Debt caps are an X factor that can confuse the entire December agenda,” said Ben Koltun, head of research at Beacon Policy Advisors.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called for Congress to act swiftly to raise debt caps to avoid collapse. warning The government is at risk of facing “insufficient remaining resources” after December 15.

Republicans argue that Democrats use a complex legislative process called reconciliation to raise debt caps, the presidential party says it needs GOP support to continue, and lawmakers borrow for months. I have been engaged in chicken games that exceed the limit. ..

Independent analysts suggest that the government may exceed its expectations for a few more weeks or even a month before it takes the risk of default.

But the looming risks have already put investors at risk, and recent short-term US debt auctions have financed some market participants to mature when Congressional negotiations could enter a critical period. It suggests that we are trying to limit our exposure to the bill.

Even if debt cap arrangements can be reached, Biden’s Buildback Better Bill is a large $ 1.75 trillion package for investing in early childhood education, public health and climate policy in the coming weeks. It will be completed at.

Schumer reiterated his intention to pass the bill on Monday. Cleaned up the house Earlier this month, by Christmas, West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and others sounded a warning.

All 50 Democratic senators, including Manchin and Kyrsten Cinema in Arizona, must sign the bill in order to become a bill.

Manchin refused to commit to the Christmas timeline on Monday and told reporters in January when asked if he should consider the bill.

However, White House spokesman Jen Psaki wrote optimistic notes, and White House officials told reporters that they were “in close contact” with lawmakers.

“We can guarantee that we are moving at full speed to achieve this, and we look forward to action on it in the coming weeks,” she added.

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Biden faces legislature log jam for Christmas

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