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Baltimore, Maryland 2021-08-27 13:23:47 –

Washington DC-Closed eyes, cracked voice, Joe Biden physically reflected the horrific blow to the president by killing 13 US soldiers during a desperate evacuation of Kabul.

From the White House to the people Biden Before answering the question from the journalist, after bowing at the moment of silence, already with a bloody twist in a tragic operation, Afghanistan..

He sometimes appeared near tears when talking about dead “heroes”. And when he promised the attacker, “We will hunt you down,” his voice had steel.

Biden’s presidency Bombing at Kabul airport..

In January, he promised to calm down at home, America Overseas after turbulence Donald Trump Year.

Currently, Biden is left to climb a mountain to convince his country and American partners that both goals remain achievable.

“It was a day when Biden was very worried,” said Kettebane Gorgestani, a correspondent in Washington, France24. “That’s why Biden wanted to get out as soon as possible.”

The deaths of at least 13 U.S. forces were the first casualties of active U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan in a year and a half, and Thursday was the worst day for U.S. forces in 10 years.

The only attack has taken place in Afghanistan to kill more Americans August 6, 2011When armed groups shot down a helicopter and killed 30 US troops and 8 Afghans.

The worst horror realized

Biden was already upset by the nearly overnight collapse of the US-backed government and US-created troops, leaving the few remaining US troops and thousands of US citizens and allies to the Taliban’s mercy.

His administration worked 24 hours a day for 10 days and thought he could probably still win from the disaster.

Airlift was much better than expected, the US military worked perfectly, and the Taliban maintained the end of negotiations to secure Kabul more or less.

The White House proudly announced the latest notable figures in Washington early Thursday. Since the fall of Kabul into the Taliban, more than 95,000 people have successfully jumped out.

Then the bomb exploded.

Biden hid himself with his aide in the Situation Room, canceled the Governor’s meeting and told him to visit the Israeli Prime Minister. Naftali Bennett That their Scheduled meeting You will have to wait until Friday in the Oval Office.

Through a day’s meeting with National Security Council staff, Biden was “calm” and “indignated,” Jen Psaki said.

“The day you lose a service member is probably the worst day of your presidency.”

“Money stops with me”

Biden did not start the war in Afghanistan. It was Republican George W. Bush.

And Biden was the first of four presidents to actually carry out their promise to end the disaster.

But, as Biden himself said, a “backstop” with him.

That means he can’t go home from anger and fear over the death of a soldier, or political descent.

“Joe Biden has blood in his hands,” said Republican Elise Stephanik. “This horrific national security and humanitarian disaster is only the result of Joe Biden’s weak and incompetent leadership. He is not worthy of becoming commander-in-chief.”

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeted that Biden and all his best national security staff “should resign or face impeachment and dismissal.”

Republican protests were predictable. But the wider damage reflected in the polls will be more worrisome for Biden.

While USA Today / Suffolk University Poll This week, it turns out overwhelmingly that Americans believe the Afghanistan war is not worth the fight. Biden is not grateful. In polls, his overall approval was only 41% and 55% was disapproved.

“I don’t know if Biden will be permanently damaged,” Georgetown University professor Mark Rom told AFP. “But Republicans will do everything with their power to make sure he is.”

Charles Franklin, director of polls at the Marquette Law School, said Biden could still survive the disaster given the unpopularity of the Afghanistan war.

“The political issue after we withdraw completely is whether the majority will be pleased that we are no longer there. If so, the issue can diminish,” he said. rice field.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP and AP)

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