Biden focuses on cleaning up $ 3 trillion packages for infrastructure, schools and families

Image: President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris. Source: Instagram @potus


Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden, who has just passed the COVID-19 bailout bill, is assembling a $ 3 trillion investment package in infrastructure and domestic needs, the next big White House priority.

As part of Biden’s “Build Back Better” campaign promise, Congress has already begun to lay the foundation for legislation to develop roads, hospitals and green energy systems, so Biden met personally with Senators late Monday .. Similar to the $ 1.9 trillion virus relief program enacted earlier this month, the new package also includes family-friendly policies, this time focusing on education and paid family vacations.

The White House’s plans are still tentative, with a total of 3 to boost the economy and improve quality of life, according to those familiar with the options of claiming anonymity and discussing personal conversations. A trillion dollar spending has been proposed.

The goal is a bipartisan package, but Democrats in Congress have shown their willingness to do it alone if blocked by Republicans.

“We need to get that done,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, before a virtual meeting with Senator Biden at Senator’s annual retreat on Monday night.

Biden’s approach to the Senate Democratic Party is due to the White House being accused of processing the US-Mexico border. Immigrant crossroads are skyrocketing, and images of cramped detention centers pose a humanitarian and political dilemma to the parliamentary regime and its allies. Focusing on infrastructure returns attention to priorities that may be popular with Americans and bipartisan.

The infrastructure package includes approximately $ 1 trillion for roads, bridges, railroads, electric vehicle charging stations, cellular networks and more. The goal is to facilitate the transition to cleaner energy while improving economic competitiveness.

The second factor includes investing in free community colleges, universal pre-kindergarten, and workers with paid parental leave.

None of the proposals have been finalized and the final details of spending are subject to change.

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The overall price tag, first reported by the New York Times on Monday, has been in circulation at Capitol Hill for several weeks since President Biden took office. With the House and Senate under Democratic control, the proposal is expected to gain support from every corner of Congress.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on Democratic chairs earlier this month to work with Republicans to begin “creating a big, bold, and transformative infrastructure package.”

Pelosi quickly builds a coronavirus rescue plan by developing an economic bailout plan to help “people of all zip codes by creating high-paying jobs for the future.” Said that was the goal.

The government has prioritized politically and financially sensitive times after fully debting the $ 1.9 trillion bailout package. The Federal Reserve Board estimates that spending could boost this year’s growth to 6.5%, and that additional spending will only put pressure on the economy, which is already expected to heat up.

Biden’s campaign has proposed raising corporate taxes and raising taxes for those who earn more than $ 400,000 a year, effectively canceling many of the 2017 tax cuts by their predecessor Donald Trump.

White House officials said the president was very clear on his agenda, even though details were just beginning to be revealed. Officials claimed anonymity to discuss personal conversations.

On Monday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee discussed more than $ 300 billion in measures to invest in drinking water, broadband and other priorities. On Thursday, Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg will appear in front of the Transport Infrastructure Commission. Next week, the Senate Finance Committee will publish a white paper reviewing foreign tax law as a way to pay part of its spending.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell used his opening remarks in the Senate on Monday to abandon the infrastructure proposal, warning that it would only lead to tax increases and what he called “leftist policy.”

“I’ve heard that in the coming months, so-called infrastructure proposals could come in, which could actually be a Trojan horse for left-wing policies that would kill large-scale tax increases and other jobs. There is, “he said.

He criticized the Democratic proposal as well as the Green New Deal. He said this is a drastic plan to deal with climate change and will cost “incredible amounts”.

Biden plans to roll out the budget in the coming weeks as Congress promotes the infrastructure package. This could be ready by the summer, lawmakers say.


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