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Washington, District of Columbia 2021-01-13 22:29:39 –

Presidential election Joe Biden told The Associated Press Wednesday that he would no longer be on the Amtrak train for his inauguration because of safety concerns.

The presidential election decision reflects growing concern about potential threats to the Houses of Parliament and the United States towards Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

Washington’s security has been significantly strengthened in preparation for a violent rebellion in the U.S. Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump last week, and the FBI plans for armed protests in all 50 state capitals and Washington over the weekend. I warned. , DC, a few days leading up to the event.

Those who were briefed on Biden’s decision discussed internal issues on condition of anonymity. This news was first reported by CNN.

The move to stop taking the 90-minute train from his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware to Washington seems to have been difficult for the presidential election. Biden’s 36-year career in the Senate preferred to ride the train, a central part of his public character, returning home on Amtrak on his final day as Vice President. , Used a train tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania during the presidential election. Part of an effort to appeal to blue-collar workers.

Biden learned of his very early train ride in the Senate when he decided to go home almost every night to raise his little son after his wife and daughter died in a car accident in 1972. It came to be able to. Friends of Amtrak, and of his regular train conductors and staff, were featured in a short film aired at the Democratic National Convention last August.

Security-related developments surrounding the inauguration are not just about getting on the train.

Arrests and prosecutions resulting from riots in the US Capitol are on the rise. At a hearing on Wednesday, prosecutors said a Colorado man brought in 2,500 ammunition last week and eventually targeted the mayor of DC. News4 Scott MacFarlane reports.

On Wednesday, Biden was briefed by FBI officials, the Secret Service, and his national security team about the potential for further violence in the coming days.

“A week after a mob attack on Congress, including domestic terrorists and violent extremists, the country learns more about our threat to democracy and the potential for further violence in the coming days, both in the capital. Continued, according to a statement from the Biden transition team, in cities across the region and across the country. ” “This is an issue that the presidential election and his team take incredibly seriously.”

Throughout Washington, especially around the Capitol, the National Mall, and several nearby federal buildings, security has been significantly improved, non-expandable walls and metal gates have been built, streets closed, and streets closed. A new unit of National Guard has camped out of the Capitol.

Biden Forgoing Amtrak Trip to Washington Over Security Fears – NBC4 Washington Source link Biden Forgoing Amtrak Trip to Washington Over Security Fears – NBC4 Washington

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