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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-08-05 12:56:25 –

Washington DC — President Joe Biden signs an enforcement order on Thursday to set a new goal of zero-emission vehicles for half of all new vehicles sold, including battery electricity, plug-in hybrid electricity, or fuel cells. It’s a schedule. Electric car.

The Byden administration also said that the order would save consumers money, reduce pollution, improve public health, promote environmental justice, and develop long-term fuel efficiency and emission standards to tackle the climate crisis. It says it will start.

Specifically, the order sets out a schedule for developing fuel economy and pollutant emission standards for small, medium and heavy vehicles starting with the 2027 model, up to at least the 2030 model.

Biden will sign the order at the White House’s South Lawn, following a statement around 3 pm Eastern Standard Time.

According to the White House, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) will also announce how the Trump administration is working on short-term fuel efficiency and emission standard rollbacks.

The government said that EPA and USDOT will bring about $ 140 billion in net profits for the life of the program, save about 200 billion gallons of gasoline and reduce about 2 billion metric tons of carbon pollution with smart fuel efficiency. It states that it is promoting emission standards.

“For the average consumer, this means a net profit of up to $ 900 over the life of the vehicle in fuel savings,” said the White House.

The administration hopes that these actions will help the United States beat China in the electric vehicle market and tackle the climate crisis.

According to officials, the United States is lagging behind in the competition to manufacture these vehicles and the batteries they carry, and the United States’ market share in the sale of electric vehicles is only one-third of China’s electric vehicle market.

Biden believes that the United States needs to do the following to beat China:

  • Establishing the first ever national network of electric vehicle charging stations
  • Providing POS consumer incentives to spur US manufacturing and trade union work
  • Funding Retools and Expansions Throughout the Domestic Manufacturing Supply Chain
  • Innovate next-generation clean technology to stay competitive

“In summary, today’s announcement will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from new passenger car sales in 2030 by more than 60% compared to last year’s cars, and reduce the net greenhouse gas emissions of the economy as a whole by 50-52. It can help achieve the president’s goal of%. In 2030, gas emissions fell below 2005 levels, “said the White House.

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