Biden, head of banking regulator, withdraws her nomination

Saule Omarova, chosen by Joe Biden to lead the big guys US bank Regulators withdrew her nomination and hit the White House after the White House defended her Pushback From Congress and Wall Street about academic writing and her upbringing in the Soviet Union at the time.

In a statement Tuesday, Biden “nominated Saul for his deep expertise in financial regulation and his long-standing and respected career as a leader in the private, public and sector.” Said.

“But unfortunately, from the very beginning of her nomination, Saul was exposed to inappropriate personal attacks that went far beyond the pale ones.”

Biden announced in September that it would appoint a law professor at Cornell University, who heads the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which oversees the US National Bank.

She then faced backlash from the Republican Party and the banking industry, and critics focused on her upbringing and her recent career as a scholar with proposals, including a state-owned banking account system.

“But at this point in the process, it’s no longer possible for me to continue as a presidential candidate,” Omarova said in a letter that being nominated was a “great honor.”

Born in what is now known as Kazakhstan in an interview with the Financial Times in October, Omarova accused some of the critics of racism and said she was a minority candidate as well as a female. Was targeted.

Biden, head of banking regulator, withdraws her nomination

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