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Riverside, California 2020-12-11 23:51:28 –

Joe Biden, who ran for president at the event on Friday, was named in the top five of the new administration.

Washington — Friday’s presidential election Joe Biden introduces a series of important choices for his new government drawn heavily from the Obama administration and relies on them for “bold new thinking.” He paid tribute to their “deep experience”, claiming that they could.

Joined Biden was Susan Rice, a board member of the White House National Policy Council, who served as President Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador. And Denis McDonough, Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, is now appointed Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Tom Billsack, who he elected Secretary of Agriculture, held the same position in Obama for eight years.

Biden chose Ohio General Assembly Marcia Fudge as the head of the house, and the citizenship of leading African-American lawmakers and Secretary of Agriculture to thoroughly rethink how the government fights national hunger. It was endorsed by activists. Biden seemed to admit, saying, “I can do more work than I want from her.”

He did not apologize for repeatedly pointing out how long he knew many of his choices.

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“There are also familiar faces. Some are new in their role. Everything faces new situations and challenges. At an event at a theater in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said,” It’s good. “They bring deep experience and bold new thinking. Above all, they know how the government should and can work for all Americans.” “

However, over-reliance on the Obama administration’s veterans has already begun to elicit some complaints from members of Biden’s own party. Obama was first elected with a promise to move beyond partisan politics, but some key policy goals clash with uncooperative parliament, especially after the Republicans benefited in mid-2010. I saw

Some progressives feel that the Obama team should be more daring in their efforts to rebuild the government and are worried that Biden will fall into the same trap.

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Democratic strategist Mark Riddle, who founded the pro-Bidden Super PAC in the 2020 presidential election, said there was no danger of over-reliance on the leaders of the former “all-star” Obama administration. But instead of discussing social policies that might allow Republicans in Congress to more easily thwart drastic policy initiatives, he has enough coronavirus to drive economic growth. He advised Biden’s team to prioritize controlling the pandemic.

“Are they focused on their work, whether the administration’s success or failure is out of the box and ready to use?” Riddle said. “When we get out of the box about work, work, work, I feel great. If we are about a bunch of other, for example, progressive ideals, we were. You can get back to the place right away. “

Biden called Billsack “the best Secretary of Agriculture I believe the country had ever had,” and Biden, the former governor of the agricultural state of Iowa, talked about bringing aid to rural areas. But he also promised on Friday to ensure that all children across the country had “safe, affordable, and nutritious food access.”

Under her direction, Fudge said the Department of Housing and Urban Development would ensure that people “cared for them by their government.”

McDonough is tasked with running a large agency that has presented organizational challenges to both parties for many years. Biden pointed out how he traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan and had a deep understanding of the veterans’ problems and the sacrifices of those who serve the military and its families.

“I have given Dennis a clear mission. Fight like hell for veterans and their families-fight like hell,” the presidential election said.

Rice, once thought to be a finalist to become Biden’s running mate before settling in Kamala Harris, will have broad influence on the upcoming administration’s approach to immigration, health care and racial inequality. Is set to. When he was Obama’s Vice President, she worked closely with Biden and did not require Senate confirmation — it may have faced severe Republican opposition.

“She intends to promote and supercharge the activated National Policy Council,” Biden vowed.

Katherine Tai, Chief Trade Counsel of the House Ways and Means Committee, has been named Biden’s US Trade Representative. Thailand, like the ones that line up with headquarters, requires Senate approval.

Rice and Fudge are African-Americans, and Thailand is Asian-American, reflecting Biden’s promise to choose a diverse cabinet that reflects the composition of the country.

Biden said his choice “has a different background and living experience.”

“And they all reflect the best of our country,” he said.

Biden introduces Rice, McDonough as domestic nominees Source link Biden introduces Rice, McDonough as domestic nominees

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