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Leaders also announced a new US-UK task force to work on resuming travel between the two countries in a pandemic.

British President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson all smiled at the first meeting, emphasizing the famous “special relationship” between the two countries, but against the backdrop of political and personal differences. I did so.

Biden wants to take advantage of his first overseas trip as president to reassure his European allies that the United States has abandoned Donald Trump’s term trading habits and is once again a credible partner. He and Johnson made a hilarious tone as soon as the news media was watching.

“I said the prime ministers have something in common. We both got married right above the station,” Biden joked after a highly choreographed walk with his spouse.

Johnson laughed and said, “I’m not going to challenge him,” but he seemed to imply that he was only thinking about improving his relationship with the Americans.

“I’m not going to dispute you about that,” Johnson said.

However, there are areas of friction. The president categorically opposed Brexit, a British withdrawal from the European Union defended by Johnson, and expressed great concern about the future of Northern Ireland. Biden once called Johnson a “physical and emotional clone” of Trump.

The UK Government has highlighted the commonalities between Johnson and Biden on issues such as climate change and support for international organizations, and has worked hard to overcome that impression. However, Johnson, the organizer of the Group of Seven Summit on Friday, is dissatisfied with the lack of a new trade deal with the United States.

Prior to formal discussions, the two men examined documents related to the Atlantic Charter and looked back on their glorious wartime predecessors. The Declaration, signed by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt in August 1941, sets common goals for the post-WWII world, including free trade, disarmament, and the right to self-determination for all. I decided.

They reaffirmed their long-standing relationships and updated their charter to address the challenges posed by countries such as China and Russia, which promised to promote free trade, human rights and a rule-based international order. Approved. To counter “people who try to undermine our alliances and institutions.”

The new charter also aims at “disinformation interference” in elections and uncertain economic practices, accusing the West of leveling in Beijing and Moscow. Leaders also promised to build a stronger global defense against health threats on the eve of the summit, which is expected to center the coronavirus pandemic debate.

Johnson said the original charter laid the foundation for the United Nations and NATO.

“Yes, I know,” said Biden, who later raised his fist when he-wrong-Neville Chamberlain slipped a reference to the union into the document.

The leaders planned to visit the magnificent mountain island of St. Michael, but the trip was canceled due to bad weather. Instead, they met on the beach at Carvis Bay’s G-7 site and stared at the ocean, exchanging fun stuff.

Johnson was a newly-married couple, holding hands while walking. First Lady Jill Biden’s black jacket had “LOVE” embroidered on the top of her back. This is written on the back of his predecessor Melania Trump during his 2018 trip to the Texas border town, “I Really Don’t Care, DoU?”

Leaders have also announced a new US-UK task force to work on resuming travel between the two countries, according to White House officials. Since March 2020, most trips have been banned between the two countries.

Both sides have announced that the meeting will strengthen long-standing allies in a week to publicly show that Biden can rally the West to reject Russia’s intervention and compete economically with China. Emphasized on.

Biden, who is very proud of his Irish roots, warned that nothing would undermine the Good Friday Peace Accord in Northern Ireland in 1998. Some on the British side looked carefully at Biden for his legacy. White House officials said the United States would not be involved in the negotiations and Biden would not speak to Johnson, but demanded that a resolution be reached promptly.

After Brexit, a new arrangement was needed on the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, which is part of the UK. This is because the European Union requires that certain products be inspected and no other products be allowed. Prior to the June 30 deadline, ongoing negotiations on products, including sausages, have been controversial and have attracted the White House’s attention.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said the one-on-one talks between Biden and Johnson lasted about 10 minutes before the advisor attended a larger meeting that lasted about an hour. Leaders were also expected to discuss climate change, pandemics, develop infrastructure financing programs for developing countries and Afghanistan, and set up bilateral committees to study and defeat cancer. It was.

However, Trump’s presence could still be felt on Thursday. Johnson and Trump seemed to be kinship spirits for some time. Both are riding the wave of populism that brought Brexit in 2016 and overturned the political situation in the United States.

Biden distrusted Johnson, who once unleashed President Barack Obama’s Trump-like insults, saying that Biden’s former boss was “half the Kenyans” and hated Britain from his ancestors.

Since World War II, transatlantic “special relationships” have been supported by a common language, common interests, military cooperation, and cultural affection. Sometimes it has been underpinned by close personal ties, such as the friendship between Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, or between Tony Blair and Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

Brexit has tested these bonds. The United States still appreciates Europe’s economic and military power, and Britain’s role as a member of the “Five Eyes” alliance of information sharing. However, Biden has revealed that he intends to rebuild the bridge with the EU, which is a frequent target of Trump’s anger. It suggests that Berlin, Brussels and Paris, not London, will be at the top of his mind.

The UK wanted to secure a swift trade deal with the United States after officially leaving the EU in January. The change of government in Washington has made the outlook for the deal uncertain.

And, albeit small, there may be another obstacle to fostering a “special relationship,” the phrase itself.

Johnson said he didn’t appreciate the “special relationship” used by the US president because he looked poor and weak to the prime minister. A spokesperson for Johnson said this week, “The prime minister had previously said he didn’t want to use this phrase, but that undermines the importance of emphasizing our relationship with our closest ally, the United States. Not. “

The outlaw reported from London. Tick ​​reported from Mildenhall, England. Associated Press writer Josh Boak of Baltimore and Darlene Superville of Washington contributed to this report.

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