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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-07-31 06:42:47 –

President Joe Biden will prove that millions of federal workers have been vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine from the East Room of the White House in Washington on Thursday, July 29, 2021, with regular inspections and rigor. I have a face mask when I announce that I have to undergo a thorough examination. Social distance, masking, and travel restrictions to combat the coronavirus epidemic. (AP photo / Susan Walsh)

Joe Biden bet his campaign and now his presidency on the premise that the government itself can still function, even during difficult political divisions.

He seemed to have a proof of concept when the Senate voted this week to begin work on a Biden-backed infrastructure bill with bipartisan support.

However, the victory was overshadowed by the proliferation of coronavirus delta variants that forced the recovery of mask guidelines, jeopardized the country’s economic recovery, and threatened Biden’s central promise to move the United States out of the pandemic. It was dropped.

Robert Gibbs, a former spokesman for President Barack Obama, said: “It is imperative that the Biden administration keep in touch with this on a regular basis to prepare for the ups and downs of this pandemic,” he added.

In the six months since his inauguration, he has been highly regarded in most public votes, fully vaccinated more than 60% of Americans, creating more than 3 million new jobs and $ 1.9 trillion. Passed the COVID of. Relief bill. And recently, he has made progress along a large two-sided infrastructure track that can pour $ 4.5 trillion into the US economy, keeping an eye on future developments in voting rights and immigration. I did.

However, the toxicity of the Delta strain, coupled with stubborn vaccine hesitation among a significant portion of the American population, has raised alerts about another punishing wave of pandemics.

And now Biden has entered a more challenging phase of his presidency. The virus has once again proved to be an unruly enemy that endangers the country’s return to its fragile and normal state.

“I know this is hard to hear. I know it’s frustrating. Mr Biden told reporters at the White House on Thursday.” And this has no problems or new challenges, I know I wanted it to be a simple and straightforward line, but that’s not real life. “

At the same time, the administrator response was almost seamless. The government has been criticized for messages about the virus, including this week’s confusing guidance on when and why even vaccinated people need to resume wearing masks indoors.

Biden himself declared July 4th, the day Americans declared “independence” from the virus in front of 1,000 maskless people in the White House. However, only a few weeks later, White House staff and journalists had to re-wear their face covers, regardless of vaccination status.

And nationwide, Americans who enjoyed returning to normal are now being asked to wear masks again, resenting some of those who followed health guidelines throughout the pandemic. .. And Rollback is questioning whether the Biden administration was too fast to relax the guidelines and is now at risk of losing some of its public confidence.

“They broke their promises. They broke their own rules,” said Republican House minority leader Kevin McCarthy. “And now they have broken the trust of Americans.”

Indeed, vaccine hesitation is most prominent in areas that are strongly associated with the support of former President Donald Trump, and some conservative media have amplified vigilance.

Any president must be able to set aside the most organized and carefully planned plans to deal with a sudden crisis. Trump was overwhelmed by the pandemic, his best reelection debate, the powerful economy, disappeared overnight, and his administration’s unstable and sporadic reaction to the virus was severely judged by voters.

Biden’s White House was more systematic and spent several months carefully planning its infrastructure. The president has prioritized for several months, even in calls from some of his own party to focus on the right to vote. This strategy convinced at least 10 Republicans to reach an agreement on so-called hard infrastructure (highways, broadband Internet access, mass transit) with partisan weapons, and then larger Democrats. Created to reach a bipartisan consensus by proceeding to. For the rest of the plans, only budget adjustments will be voted.

Negotiations died many times, but Biden’s bet on reaching across the aisle was rewarded as 17 Republican senators resolved to pursue a bipartisan plan of nearly $ 1 trillion. Despite many twists and turns, such as lining up all Democrats for a $ 3.5 trillion settlement plan, it was an important victory for the White House.

Biden assembled it as needed to prove that the two parties could still cooperate, as a demonstration of what democracy can still offer to their people.

“Our economy grew in six months more than most Wall Street predictors expected for the full year before implementing our plan,” Biden said. An investment to rebuild America in almost a century. “

Biden pushed the widespread and popular agenda directly into a conservative base. He has held about half a dozen events in Republican-controlled districts over the past few weeks to portray the Republican Party as independent, hoping to curb turnout next fall. When he tried to help maintain the majority of Democrats in Congress.

The White House claims that the Republicans are only implementing identity politics, not offering them seriously, so the president is cautious about inflation and the president says voters are against his policies. I’m betting that I’ll give you a reward.

But that strategy depends on whether the policy is working. This is why it makes viruses so dangerous.

If another wave shuts down businesses and schools, not only will public confidence in Biden’s virus control be shaken, but the economic recovery will stagnate and the Democratic Party’s central debate towards mid-Autumn next year. It will be in jeopardy.

“We are not outside the forest,” Gibbs said.

Biden lands win, but virus surge threatens to derail agenda Source link Biden lands win, but virus surge threatens to derail agenda

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