Biden makes first Minnesota stop as president to highlight infrastructure law

2021-11-30 17:19:42 –

President Joe Biden uses the first Minnesota stop since he was elected to play the trumpet on a new bipartisan infrastructure law focused on improving roads, bridges and public transport across the United States. bottom.

Biden, who spoke at Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, said he and others in his administration will be nationwide in the coming weeks to emphasize “how these investments will change lives.” Said to travel. The law “helps rebuild the backbone of the country,” including making high-speed Internet available in all Minnesota states, the president said.

Democratic Biden, Signed the legislation Legislation earlier this month will bring billions of dollars to Minnesota. Prior to the president’s remarks, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz called the infrastructure bill “one of the most important bills,” and Congress has passed it in the last few decades.

Former Democratic Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrew, recently elected by Biden as Senior Advisor and Infrastructure Coordinator, said in a telephone interview that Minnesota has “661 bridges and more than 4,000 miles of highways, in poor condition and funding. Some of it is pouring into you. ” Everyone should come down early, not late. “

Hundreds of people are across from Dakota County Institute of Technology, from supporters of former President Donald Trump to Ethiopians in all aspects of the country’s civil war asking the president to reconsider his foreign policy in Ethiopia. Gathered and protested Biden’s visit.

Rosemount is located in the Second Parliamentary District, represented by US Congressman Angie Craig. Democrats are expected to face a fierce reelection battle next year as they seek to maintain control of the House and Senate in the 2022 midterm elections.

Craig welcomed the President to her district, and the event “promises that we are working tirelessly to fulfill our promises and that we will work on a bipartisan basis to achieve that. Shows. “

Republican Tyler Kistner, who failed to leave Craig in the 2020 elections and is running again to expel her next year, said in a statement, “Democrats say Angie Craig will lose his seat in 2022. A terribly flawed infrastructure bill as an excuse to bring Joe Biden to save Craig’s terrible political career, knowing he’s in serious danger. “

Biden earns almost 14 percent points in Dakota County and wins the state 2020 presidential election..

“A little over a year ago, Minnesota voted for President Biden in the hope that he could break the partisan nonsense of Washington, DC and get things done. DFL Chairman Ken Martin visited Biden. I said earlier.

Minnesota Republican leaders criticized Biden and his party on Tuesday morning on issues such as inflation, energy, borders, and Democratic legislative goals at Capitol Hill.

“No doubt he’s here to intensify the debilitating campaign of Angie Craig and Governor Waltz,” Republican Chairman David Han said on the phone. “But I think the fact that they choose to be very closely related to President Biden’s failed policy means making a clear choice for the Minnesota next year.”

While there were criticisms of the bipartisan infrastructure law, which four Minnesota Republicans voted against, many of the phones blew up Biden on other topics.

“I think the Democrats really ran into problems and I think they can spend all their money on infrastructure around the world,” said Mark Johnson, R-East Grand Forks, vice-majority leader of the State Senator. .. “But if there are no workers, or labor, then we really need to consider how trade and labor can be regained across the state.”

White House Project Minnesota plans to win $ 4.5 billion on highways, more than $ 800 million on public transport, $ 680 million on water projects, and about $ 300 million on bridges within five years. The state is also expected to see at least $ 100 million for broadband.

Staff writer Zoe Jackson contributed to this report.

Biden makes first Minnesota stop as president to highlight infrastructure law Source link Biden makes first Minnesota stop as president to highlight infrastructure law

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