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Tampa, Florida 2020-11-27 20:06:47 –

Milwaukee County completed part of a partial recount of the President of Wisconsin on Friday night after the Milwaukee County Election Commission approved the results.

Milwaukee County eventually counted about 460,000 votes. President-elect Joe Biden received 257 votes and President Donald Trump added 125 votes compared to the official election results in Milwaukee County. Biden has gained another 132 votes in the margin of victory in Wisconsin, but Dane County’s recount is not over yet.

The only thing that prevented Milwaukee County from completing the recount on Friday morning was the loss of 65 votes from the city of Milwaukee. Since those ballots were not found, the campaign committee decided to prove the results of all other ballots in the county.

At the request of the Trump campaign, tens of thousands of votes were separated during the recount. 51,060 Milwaukee County voters self-certified that they were “indefinitely imprisoned” during the elections. All voters who submitted the ballot set aside the ballot for opposition by Trump’s representatives.

In addition, 2,197 absentee ballot envelopes were separated due to the different colors of ink on the witness’s address line.

The Election Commission has decided that those votes will continue to be counted. The Trump campaign believes that both categories may be fraudulent. Rick Bass, the only Republican member of the county’s three campaign committees, suggested that these votes would later be subject to legal opposition to the Trump campaign.

“I believe the Trump campaign is looking forward to the day in court,” said Commissioner Rick Bath. “There are some things that need to be fixed, and they are often represented as just human errors, which are usually the case. There are some things that couldn’t be investigated, but they can be investigated elsewhere. This is not the place. “

Election officials said no cases of fraud were found during the recount.

Dane County will finish the presidential recount on Sunday.

This article was written by WTMJ.

Biden netted 132 votes after Milwaukee County recount Trump paid for Source link Biden netted 132 votes after Milwaukee County recount Trump paid for

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