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Biden-Newsom supporters and protesters attended a “stop recall” rally at the LBCC where President Biden and Governor Newsom appeared. – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-09-14 02:59:45 –

Protesters against Governor Gavin Newsom and President Biden have shown opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine obligation and mask order while on campus at Long Beach City College. At the rally, there were many other signs with a hateful message.Photo: Savannah Gomez

Long Beach City College was attacked by protesters in favor of a recall against Governor Gavin Newsom and President Joe Biden on the LAC campus, with President Biden and Governor Newsom appearing at the “Stop Recall” rally on September 13, 2021.

Protesters were found in Parking Structure I on the LAC campus, with signs for both Biden and Newsom next to the sidewalk. Many of their signs were against the COVID-19 vaccination and mask orders carried out by Biden.

Among the overwhelming number of protests against Newsom and Biden were demonstrators in support of Newsom. Longtime Democratic canceller Margaret Lopez was an avid supporter of Newsom and attended the event with a “don’t vote” poster sign.

Lopez immediately agreed to Newsom’s COVID-19 protocol. She believes this helps protect schools by ensuring that people are vaccinated as soon as possible.

“I helped migrant workers get vaccinated and also worked as a translator,” Lopez said.

Another Newsom supporter who attended the “Stop the Recall” rally with Lopez was activist Nicholas Maldonado from the age of 18. Originally from San Pedro, California, Maldonado moved to Florida and traveled to Long Beach to show support for both Biden and Newsom.

Maldonado said the main reason for coming to Long Beach is to know directly the height of COVID-19 cases in Florida. He said Biden and Newsom represent a unified California for all.

“This is the governor representing all the people here in California. He does nothing but protect us from Covid. Yes, we had a stay-at-home order, which kept us Protected from Covid, “said Maldonado.

Then he said. “I have a friend whose parents died in Covid. Children are dying as we are talking. You need to make sure who keeps it and keeps people vaccinated-that The person is Gavin Newsom. ”

Maldonado also emphasized that Newsom continues to support the LGBTQ community throughout his political career. Who confirms that transgender people are fighting? This is the man who has supported marriage equality for the rest of his life. “

Maldonado closed the interview, reminding us that the unvaccinated people are the ones we are really fighting right now.

“If we want to keep moving forward and get back to work, we need to get people vaccinated,” Maldonado said.

Anti-vaccine protesters at the “Stop the Recall” rally supported Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall, and Trump supporters attended the rally with a similar disdainful message to Governor Newsom and his mask to the general public. ..Photo: Savannah Gomez

On the other side of the LAC campus, near Hartwell Park, opposite Parking Lot Structure I, demonstrators against Newsom and Biden were beginning to flock to the area.

Many demonstrators who opposed Biden and Newsom declined the request for an interview, and only Lee, a protester who did not reveal her name, agreed to speak to me.

“He stopped complaining about the loser’s job and brought back more than 30 California children still in Afghanistan,” she said, holding up a poster sign saying, “He’s for one job.” You should do his job, not campaign for him. ” ..

Other protesters’ posters shared a similar message of aversion to Biden and Newsom, especially with regard to their COVID-19 blockade, vaccine obligations, and public mask orders.

Police officers were also seen trying to maintain the crowd after Biden’s arrival was recognized by protesters.

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