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Billings, Montana. >> President Joe Biden’s nomination to oversee the vast territory of the United States has been criticized by the Republicans today for her past involvement in partisan politics as an environmentalist aide to the Democratic Party for many years. He emphasized the importance of allocating to relatively small institutions with broad influence on energy development. And Western State Agriculture.

The Senate’s approval of Tracy Stone Manning to direct the U.S. Land Management Department marks a significant change from government catering to oil and gas interests under former President Donald Trump. ..

All Senate Republicans and at least one Democrat are required to block her nomination. So far, no Democratic party has left.

After the headquarters moved from Washington, DC to Grand Junction, Colorado, the Land Department has been in a staffing turmoil after losing nearly 300 employees due to retirement or resignation for four years without a fixed director. ..

Interior ministry officials confirmed today that only three workers eventually moved to Grand Junction. This exposure, first reported by the Colorado Newsline at Media Outlets, shows the latest example of a widespread reorganization of federal agencies under Trump at great cost to the federal workforce.

With approximately 9,000 employees, the Land Department has jurisdiction over 245 million acres (100 million hectares) of federal land in the western provinces, from fossil fuel mining, renewable energy development, grazing to recreation. We manage them for a variety of purposes, from the wilderness to the wilderness.

Prior to joining the National Wildlife Federation four years ago, Stonemanning worked as Chief of Staff for former Montana Governor Steve Bullock, helping him fail in an attempt to dismiss Montana Senator Steve Bullock.

At today’s hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Commission, Republicans denounced her role as an accountant and director of the environmental group Montana Conservation Voter, who posted an ad against Mr. Danes. She expressed concern that she might hinder energy development.

“You were incredibly partisan in the past,” said Bill Cassidy, a Republican senator in Louisiana. “You don’t really care about Republicans.”

Stone Manning, from Missoula, western Montana, said her deceased Republican parents would “roll to the grave” over claims to be partisan. She wants to move forward from the 2020 elections. He said that working in a collaborative manner is the only way to move forward in the Western controversial public land debate.

“Elections can be tough. I supported my former boss, Governor Brock, but now that the elections are over, I respect the results of those elections,” she said. Said.

Democratic Senator John Hickenlooper asked Stone Manning about the relocation of headquarters, which was “rushed” and disappointed employees of the Land Department and the city of Grand Junction.

Stone Manning said the Home Office was considering the issue, but did not provide further details. Interior ministry officials could not immediately reveal how many vacant seats were left in the Grand Junction office.

At the National Wildlife Federation, Stone-Manning led a group effort to protect western public lands for wildlife, hiking, hunting and other non-industrial uses.

She was an aide to Montana Democratic Senator Jon Tester and worked for a non-profit organization promoting the cleanup of one of the country’s largest superfund facilities contaminated on the Clark Fork River in Montana.

The tester introduced Stone Manning at today’s hearing and refused to explain the Republican Party, which sees her as an idealism.

“She is a good person with a good heart who understands the value of our public land,” said the tester.

Kansas Republican Senator Roger Marshall asks Stone Manning if there was a conflict of interest in receiving a $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 personal loan while working for a staff of testers in 2008. According to a financial disclosure application, she received a 12-year loan from Mizura developer Stuart Goldberg at a 6% interest rate. Marshall was below the consumer loan interest rate of 11% at the time.

“I was overwhelmed by the recession and my friend lent me some money to survive,” Stone Manning said.

“We respected the loan,” she added.

The land management bureau’s post was not filled for four years under the Trump administration and instead relied on a series of acting directors to ease restrictions on industry. The first was conservative lawyer William Perry Pendley, who advocated the sale of federal land before he took up the position.

Pendry led the bureau for over a year without the need for Senate approval, was sued by Brock, and was ordered to be dismissed by a federal judge.

Stone Manning supported efforts to expel Pendry and said he was illegally appointed.

She worked for Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, a former Democratic House member of New Mexico, and was confirmed by Republican opposition because of her criticism of the oil and gas industry.

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