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2020-11-15 10:11:46 –

Within nine weeks, Joe Biden will become President of the United States.

Edward Rotterman

There is much to do when it comes to reestablishing security, diplomatic and economic relationships with the rest of the world. This is all important to anyone who succeeds President Donald Trump, but Democratic Biden faces a Republican Senate focused on ensuring that the Democratic president fails. .. Therefore, it is difficult to change international affairs that require ratification of the treaty.

Nevertheless, it is important to reestablish a coherent order.

In addition, the Biden administration may be trying to revive existing institutions such as the World Trade Organization and NATO, but we must all be aware that Humpty Dumpty cannot be completely glued. .. This is not all bad. These two organizations, and others, had to be rebuilt from their original post-WWII design, even before Trump tried to wipe them out. The world has changed dramatically since the days when most modern institutions were established.

Africa, Asia and Latin America are all now larger economies, playing a greater weight and role in the world. Although the Soviet Union broke up 30 years ago, Russia in Vladimirputin now has the determination, public support and military power to claim its position on the world stage. And Putin not only made Russia a major player in world affairs, but also told the United States that he correctly recognized that he had returned to the promises of then-President George HW Bush when the Soviet Union split. I am determined to make payment.

Although the European Union has emerged and grown, it currently faces serious challenges, especially for subsets that have adopted a common currency.

The financial crisis of 2007-2010 exposed not only serious flaws in domestic capital markets and the banking system, but also flaws that permeated the entire global economy. These deficiencies have not been fixed domestically or internationally. Like the rusty World War II bombs in the German neighborhood, they may explode in future turmoil.

Americans also need to understand that there is an important correlation between diplomatic and military relations with other countries and our own domestic economy. These links include federal finances, the value of the dollar against other currencies, imports and exports, and the US share of the global financial markets.

Therefore, deciding to pursue specific defense or foreign relations policies also means embracing the impact of those policies on US domestic production, employment and prices, as well as on international trade and financial flows. To do.

We also need to understand that the economic and military power of the United States has changed compared to other major countries.

China is a far greater factor than it was at the end of World War II or even at the beginning of the new century. The economy in 2000 was only one-twelfth of what it is today. And the dream of China slowly transitioning to democracy according to the Taiwanese and South Korean models as income and education grew turned out to be a delusion. China is returning to a pre-1978 centralized Communist dictatorship, despite state capitalism tending to dominate the global market. Xi Jinping Prime Minister has the power than anyone since Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong has the power than we have in the world, he is ready to use it.

The Chinese see this as a legitimate time to dominate world affairs and repay the centuries-old humiliation received from the West during the weakest centuries. They are actively working to expand their influence in Africa, Latin America, and most parts of Asia. And they are ready to show their military strength in the event of intimidation.

The US military is large and powerful, but relies heavily on two technologies: main battle tanks and aircraft carriers. These technologies are a century old and are in the process. Mutually assured destruction of nuclear weapons is still a fallback of our defense, but more complex than before. In particular, the next administration is invading.

As we withdraw our military power and reject long-standing agreements with other democracies and friendly regional powers, we must understand that we will create a void for the Chinese to step into. It will not be. Withdrawal from the World Health Organization or the WTO will certainly make China the dominant force in their activities.

Therefore, as “internationalism”, which is now highly despised, to isolationism before rejecting the multilateral international involvement that both US parties have supported through 11 pre-2017 presidents. We need to think about where the return will leave us. , Especially our economy.

The approach that our country has long followed was built on lessons learned from both World Wars. The lack of alliances between countries of similar interests and values ​​not only made individual countries more vulnerable, but also made the whole world more vulnerable to war. The lack of generally agreed rules on international trade and finance meant that the economic crisis in one major country could spread to all other countries in the coming months.

Pushed by Joseph Stalin’s fears of the Cold War against the Soviet Union, Western democracies agreed on a coherent approach to defense and economic relations. The Soviet military power and intentions proved to be exaggerated after the collapse, but now we are making a mistake in the other direction of dismissing the totalitarian economic and military power as irrelevant. .. It is not.

All this adjustment must now be made in the midst of the worst health crisis the world has experienced in a century. It must begin with the deeper and more intense division of politics and culture of the United States and many European countries than at any time since 1940. And it seems that many leaders disguised as “populism” are actually at war with their own people.

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