Biden ordered enforcement measures on gun control, but said more was needed

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Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden holds a modest White House ceremony on Thursday to fight half a dozen executions of what he called the “trend and international embarrassment” of gun violence in the United States. announced.

But he said he needed more. Biden proposed the most ambitious gun control agenda of modern presidential candidates, but his move is to act alone against guns with difficult politics that impede legislative action at Capitol Hill. Emphasized the limited power of.

Biden’s new steps include a move to crack down on “ghost guns.” This is a homemade gun that does not have a serial number used for tracking and is often purchased without a background check. He is also trying to tighten regulations on pistol stabilization braces, such as those used in Boulder, Colorado, where 10 people were killed in the shooting last month.

The president’s actions last month took what he immediately called “common sense measures” to deal with gun violence after a series of mass shootings brought new attention to the issue. It was done on the basis of a pledge. His announcement came the day after yet another episode, which killed five people in South Carolina.

However, his orders include a promise to ban the import of assault weapons, the adoption of a voluntary gun repurchase program, and a pledge that the Justice Department and the FBI will provide resources for better enforcement. Not enough for some of the biggest campaign trail proposals. Country’s current gun control and tracking guns.

Proponents of gun control praised Thursday’s move as a powerful first step in combating gun violence, but they too need parliamentary action to make a lasting change. I admitted.

“Some of the other high-value products are legislative,” said Josh Horowitz, secretary-general of the Union to stop gun violence. “And that would be very difficult.”

Biden referred to a formidable list of priorities that Congress wants to address, such as passing violence against women, removing the exemption from proceedings against gun manufacturers, and banning assault weapons and large magazines. He also urged the Senate to take steps passed by the Senate to close the loophole in the background check.

But if the Senate is evenly divided and gun control laws need to pass 60 votes, Democrats need to keep all members of the majority, while adding 10 Republicans. There is.

Horowitz said it was “difficult to think” who these Republicans were. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to move to gun control, but “it will have to change some people in the Senate.”

Proponents of gun control will significantly undermine the once-strong Progan Lobby, where the National Rifle Association’s legal and financial issues have turned the tide in support of some restrictions on gun ownership. It is said that it was useful for. They say that changes in public perception will eventually permeate Republicans in Capitol Hill.

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But so far, that hasn’t happened in voting. In March, the House of Representatives passed two bills in line with party policies to expand and strengthen background checks on gun sales and transfers. This is a move that has gained widespread public support. However, most Republicans argue that enhanced checks can rob gun owners who comply with the law.

A small bipartisan senator group is trying to find a compromise based on a 2013 deal that would have extended background checks to gun shows and internet sales, but was subsequently rejected with five votes. .. Chris Murphy, a Democratic senator in Connecticut, said at a state rally last week that he was talking to colleagues every day to make a deal and believed that the public was more supportive of change than ever before.

Murphy admitted last weekend at NBC’s Meet the Press that a background check bill that passed the House of Representatives is unlikely to succeed in the Senate, but a narrower-tuned bill could succeed. To win the support of the Republicans, who suggested they were sexual and said they were working on the bill.

“If you need 10 Republican votes, you need to make a reasonable accommodation, and I’m already talking to a Republican who doesn’t want to sit at the table,” he said.

Even some of Biden’s limited moves on Thursday had already gone through the bureaucracy.

The federal government is working on a draft rule to change the definition of guns to include the lower receiver, which is an integral part of semi-automatic rifles, to counter the surge in “ghost guns” and prevent them from losing court battles. is. problem.

The process began during the decline of the Trump administration, according to four people familiar with the matter. Justice ministry leaders and officials from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have been working on the wording of the proposed rules since at least the summer of 2020, they said.

The proposal had undergone several layers of review by agency lawyers by the fall of last year, and ATF officials met with gun manufacturers and others to discuss the possibility of expanding the definition of firearms, people said.

They could not discuss the details of the process publicly and spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

Biden said the move he made on Thursday was just the beginning of his administration’s actions against guns, but no further steps are known for him to move forward or be able to do so.

Biden has already focused on passing the $ 2.3 trillion infrastructure package and how much political capital to get the gun control bill across the finish line after submitting a large COVID-19 bailout bill. It’s unclear if you need to spend. Asked last month if he felt there was political upheaval to pass the new gun control, he told reporters: I haven’t counted it yet. “

Some activists praised Biden for his execution on Thursday, but said he would like to see him more actively involved in the fight at Capitol Hill.

“I think he needs to be directly involved and counts. I don’t know what he’s waiting for,” said Igor Volsky, executive director of Guns Down America.

Mr. Volsky said his group hopes Biden will offer a comprehensive package of reforms focused on gun violence, similar to what the government did against migrants. It was. He then contacted the public about the need for gun control and pressured Congress to act, saying Biden “can do more with the president’s bully.”

“As he pointed out in the trajectory of the campaign, I don’t have time to wait to address this issue repeatedly, so my view is that this should be his priority,” Volski said. I did.


Source: Associated Press, MSNBC

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