Biden pledges billions of dollars for global efforts

Healthcare professionals will apply Sinovac’s CoronaVac coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine to elderly citizens in Sao Gonçalo, near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on February 18, 2021.

Ricardo Moraes | Reuters

President Joe Biden The United States will spend $ 4 billion on international Covid vaccination efforts on Friday, according to White House officials.

Biden urges other nations to promise more money for the global battle during their first virtual meeting with G7 leaders as president. Pandemic, Officials told reporters at a conference call Thursday afternoon.

“This pandemic will not end unless we end it globally,” said one official, but said vaccination of Americans remains a government “top priority.”

“But pandemics are contagious,” officials said. “The more illnesses there are, the more likely it is that additional mutations or mutations will be seen.”

The funds are Assigned by parliament As part of the Covid bailout bill It signed the law in late December with overwhelming bipartisan support, Despite former President Donald Trump calling the package “humiliation.”

Officials said the Biden administration plans to donate half of its $ 4 billion total to Gabi, a global non-profit vaccine alliance, “almost immediately.”

Gavi is a co-leader of COVAX, an international initiative aimed at increasing access to the Covid vaccine. The first $ 2 billion delivery from the United States aims to facilitate access to the Covid vaccine in 92 low- and middle-income countries supported by COVAX’s pre-market commitment.

The government plans to phase out the remaining $ 2 billion by 2022, officials said, with the goal of encouraging other donors to increase their contributions.

“Basically, we want to turn this into a way to convert $ 2 billion into billions of dollars,” officials said on the phone. “At least what we think we need to be able to actually boost We have set a $ 15 billion target. Vaccine supply worldwide. “

The administration emphasized that world-focused funding would not affect the US national vaccination program. Authorities will say if Congress passes Additional Covid Relief Bill Pushed by Biden and Democrats, They expect to secure sufficient vaccine supply to reach the goals of the timeline.

“If we have enough supplies, we will consider donating surplus vaccine,” officials said.

Asked to explain the importance of supporting global vaccination efforts, officials said, “In addition to saving many lives … the state to benefit everyone in the United States. It’s also right to do it from a security and economic perspective. “

Biden pledges billions of dollars for global efforts

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