Biden predicts FDA will give final vaccine approval by fall

“In fact, we intend to provide good opportunities and jobs for those who reinvest that money in everything we are talking about,” Biden said. “Lower the price, not the higher.”

The president did not respond directly to restaurant chain owners who said they were struggling to hire workers as the economy recovered.

Mr Biden said it was good that workers had the ability to look for new and better jobs and companies had to compete to hire them. He said there was “no evidence” that the expansion of unemployment benefits included in the $ 1.9 trillion stimulus that signed the law in March discouraged workers.

“I think it’s really a problem for people to make more money and try to negotiate now that they have the opportunity to do other things and have a shortage of employees,” Biden told the restaurant owner. It was. “So I think your business and tourism business will really be tied up for a while.”

Senator voted on Wednesday for a motion to move the bipartisan infrastructure framework forward while Mr. Biden was flying to Kentucky Airport, which serves Cincinnati. The vote failed, and Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democrat and majority leader in New York, has reserved the right to schedule another vote next week in hopes of moving the deal forward.

Government officials have recently negotiated with the Republicans and Democrats to finalize the deal, including how to pay the full amount. Lawmakers said Wednesday they hope to reach a final agreement in a few days.

When asked how long it would take for the bipartisan deal to complete, Mr Biden replied “until Monday.”

“I’m from the Senate tradition, you wave, that’s it. You keep your promise,” Biden said. He predicted that the Republicans would. “I think it will be achieved.”

Biden predicts FDA will give final vaccine approval by fall

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