Biden prepares for a tense meeting in Geneva

Fresh from the days of Geneva Meeting with the closest ally of the United StatesAt the summit meeting on Wednesday, President Biden will raise a number of nasty issues with Russian President Vladimir Putin, from Moscow’s attack on Ukraine to suspected cyber attacks on the United States.

US officials have suggested that some progress can be made on issues such as nuclear arms control, but both sides have downplayed the prospect of melting the relationship.

Mr. Biden was the first president to travel abroad and signaled him during a meeting with the Group of Seven, European leaders, and a US partner at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization: The United States and its allies It does not tolerate what is considered a provocative action by the Kremlin and counters the increasing effects of dictatorial power.

Putin, who was due to arrive in Geneva on Wednesday, is also interested in pursuing dialogue with Biden, saying the US president is a more predictable leader than his predecessor. Revealed not to do so. Please hurry.

Both sides acknowledge that their relationship has reached its post-Cold War lows in recent years, and Moscow has recently included the United States on its list of unfriendly countries.

For Russians, “the general purpose of the summit is to understand what to expect from the United States over the next three and a half years with the Biden administration,” said Pavel Sharikov, a senior researcher at the US and Canadian Institutes. I am. Study in Moscow. “Russia is less active in relations between Russia and the United States, and Russia is more responsive.”

Biden pointed out a series of cyberattacks from Russia-based hackers and said they gave Putin an unsuitable audience during his first trip as President of the United States. Faced with criticism from the Department’s Senate Republicans. Treatment of the Kremlin against political enemies And the strengthening of military power at the Ukrainian border.

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Biden administration officials are trying to carefully coordinate the event so that Mr Putin isn’t on the world stage, and the US president has been preparing for the meeting for days, US officials said.How Mr. Biden’s aide studied Putin interacted with the former president And they consulted with US experts on Russia who served under the presidents of both major political parties.

The bilateral meeting is scheduled to begin around 7:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, and authorities expect it to last four to five hours. In addition to other officials, some discussions include Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the aide said.

According to officials from both countries, their leaders are likely to discuss the fate of cybersecurity, arms control, Ukraine, and imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Biden warned the Russian president earlier this week that the consequences would be if Navalny died in prison.Prominent dissidents Hunger strike held earlier this year In protest of what he said as a lack of proper treatment.

In Geneva, security was severe as roads were closed and police lined up on the streets. Ms. Biden and Ms. Putin will meet on Wednesday at an 18th-century villa in a park overlooking Lake Geneva, where pleasure boating was banned.

During his long career in Washington, Biden, who chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, traveled extensively in Russia and elsewhere and met with Putin in 2011 as Vice President.

Mr Biden was cautious about fueling tensions with Russian leaders in the preparatory stage of the meeting. He previously described Putin as a soulless murderer, but this week he called him a “good enemy.”

There is no joint press conference with Mr Putin, as held by Russian leaders and President Donald Trump in 2018, as a sign of how cautious the White House is approaching the summit. US officials have described Putin as unpredictable. Beware of providing him with a larger global audience.

Instead, the two leaders will hold separate media conferences after the event.

At a press conference at the end of the Group of Seven summit on Sunday, President Biden worked with allies, donated global vaccines, and how the group tackled the challenges China raises. We talked about what to do.Photo: Kevin Lamarck / Reuters

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Biden prepares for a tense meeting in Geneva

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