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Washington >> In a personal push, President Joe Biden pressures fellow Democrats to expedite the work on his big “better rebuild” agenda, and the party strives to bridge the sector. When I told them to come up with the final framework and their best top-line budget amount in Congress prior to the important voting deadline.

Biden and Democratic House and Senate lawmakers gather in a series of hours of private whitehouse sessions tonight, 3.5 trillion in Biden as lawmakers struggle to draft details of their ambitious efforts. Convened at an important confluence of dollar packages. With Republican opposition, Democratic leaders rely on the president to revitalize the consensus between progressives and centrists within the party.

Biden first consulted with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Speaker of the Senate Chuck Schumer, and then held separate sessions with moderate and progressive Senators and representatives. The president listened enthusiastically, but also strongly indicated that he hoped for immediate progress by next week.

“We are in good shape,” Pelosi told reporters after returning to the Houses of Parliament.

The White House called the meeting “productive and candid,” and said follow-up work would proceed soon. Earlier in the day, spokesman Jen Psaki said the White House realized over time that “more deep involvement by the president was needed.”

Biden’s focused focus on big-money domestic proposals shows how politically endangered the president and his parliamentary party are. The administration is suffering frustration elsewhere, especially due to the withdrawal of Afghanistan and the prolonged COVID-19 crisis, and Democrats are eager to fulfill their campaign promises and are running out of time.

Congress is competing for Monday’s deadline for a $ 1 trillion House vote on public works measures, the first part of Biden’s plan. This now also serves as a deadline for creating a broader package compromise framework.

At one point, Biden told lawmakers that the White House had plenty of meeting rooms available for searching this weekend.

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia barked at a $ 3.5 trillion price tag, but the president said he had told him to figure out how many he could live in.

“He basically said,’Find it,'” Manchin said. “‘Work on it, give me a number.'”

“The president is really excited,” said Senator Ron Wyden of the Oregon Senate Finance Committee after the final session in the evening.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives and the Senate have been working to maintain government funding and suspend federal debt limits beyond the end of September 30 to avoid shutdowns and catastrophic US defaults. It remained stagnant with another package. The Senate Republican Party has rejected a bill passed in the House of Representatives.

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell said at a press conference Tuesday that losing to an extension of debt limits “can or should not be considered.”

Regarding Biden’s big plans, the president and Democrats do not seem to have fully resolved their differences prior to Monday’s test vote on smaller public works bills for road, broadband and public water projects. bottom.

Centrist Democrats want a slimmer public works bill to pass quickly and have expressed concern about Biden’s broader vision price tag, while progressive Democrats are linked to larger packages. Unless you have, we are refraining from voting for $ 1 trillion measures that we consider to be inadequate.

Union of Centrists leader Josh Gottheimer, who attended one of the White House meetings, said everyone agreed to pass the bill on Monday and work on a larger package. rice field.

However, Washington’s Congressman Pramirajayapal, chair of Parliamentary Progressive Caucus, issued a statement after another meeting with Biden, with about 50 members taking bipartisan measures, unless related to a broader bill. He reiterated that he would vote against. She said the two bills needed to work “in collaboration” to win a progressive vote.

Beyond public works measures, Biden’s “buildback” agenda is a radical overhaul of federal taxes and spending, with overdue investment in efforts by the president to combat healthcare, family services, and climate change. Make something to see.

The $ 3.5 trillion package imposes tax increases on companies and wealthy Americans who earn more than $ 400,000 a year, investing in climate change and putting that money into a federal program for men and women of all ages. I will give back.

Tensions are rising as the Biden agenda is an important campaign promise not only from the president, but from most Democrats, including the House of Representatives, who will face re-election next year.

Nevada Rep. Steven Horsford, who attended a moderate group meeting with Biden, said:

In general, more than 20 lawmakers have been invited to talk with Biden, moderates, and progressives, and in separate meetings that last until the evening, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, another centrist in Manchin and Arizona, is the best. I made a pitch.

Despite the controversy, many Democrats hope that the final product will eventually gain strong party support, even if its version is adjusted or reduced in line with Biden’s broader vision. It states.

But Congressman Stephanie Murphy, the leader of centrist Bluedog Caucus, said the big bill would take longer. “I don’t know if we’re still in a closed area,” she said.

Meanwhile, the government faces closure when funds stop on September 30 at the end of the year. In addition, at some point in October, the United States is at risk of defaulting on debt accumulation if the borrowing limit is not exempted or adjusted.

In a hurry to prevent its disastrous consequences, Democrat-led homes passed a bill on funds and debt on Tuesday night, but Republicans refused Senate support despite the risk of causing a financial crisis. ing.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said finding votes has been a problem since the Democrats ruled the White House and Congress. When the Republican Party was in charge, he relied on bipartisan cooperation to approve debt limiting measures.

But in the 50-50 Senate, Democrats will have a hard time finding 10 Republicans who reach the 60-vote threshold needed to overcome filibuster. Other options that try to pass the debt cap package can be procedurally difficult.

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