Biden proposes $0.18 gas-tax relief – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2022-06-22 20:11:10 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Tired of these high gas prices? Well, you may soon see some relief.

President Joe Biden has called on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax (about $ 0.18) for three months. He also asked them to suspend the federal diesel tax, which is about $ 0.24.

However, some Corpus Christi people were skeptical about whether a petrol tax suspension would help.

“See how fast it went,” said Robert Chavez while he was filling his tank. “$ 25.”

Chavez said it was last year that he was able to get about half of the gas tank for $ 25. He said today for $ 25 he would only get a quarter tank.

“It would be a little helpful, but I don’t think it’s much compared to how high the gasoline price has been,” he said of the proposed petrol tax holiday.

John Skrobarczyk works by courier. He said he was more worried about legislators allowing oil companies to open more oil pipelines.

“If they aren’t careful, they’ll shut down the entire transportation industry,” he said.

Francisco Lewis is also more interested in oil production than federal gas tax holidays, saying his family works in the oil industry. He said there was a gap in oil production and his family was absent from work.

He said petrol tax holidays only boost demand.

“When gas prices go down, I think many people will probably come and fill up like crazy, further increase their demand, and eventually come back soon,” Lewis said.

AAA Texas spokesman Daniel Alm Blaster said gas demand is expected to rise over the weekend of July 4. Triple A predicts it will be the best holiday weekend ever for a road trip.

He said the price of crude oil can always rise and, in essence, it could cancel the petrol tax holiday relief.

“Gasoline prices, which we’ve already seen in a week, could rise by $ 0.18 .. The savings there are easy to get rid of,” said Armbruster.

He said the federal gas tax is directed towards infrastructure development such as bridges and roads. He said federal tax cuts could impact the project.

It’s also the heart of Texas State Senator Chui Hinohosa. Mr. Josa Hino said he would support Biden’s proposed tax suspension, but not the state tax suspension.

“That money will fund our roads. Our needs here in Texas are over $ 100 billion just to keep up with our growth and highway systems and replace bridges. increase.”

Biden proposes $0.18 gas-tax relief Source link Biden proposes $0.18 gas-tax relief

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