Biden provides an ambitious blueprint for solar energy

One thing for the government is that the cost of solar panels has fallen sharply in the last decade, making it the cheapest source of energy in many parts of the country.Also the use of solar and wind energy Grow much faster More than most governments and independent analysts have predicted in recent years.

Becca Jones Albertus, Director of the Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technology Office, said: “The grid remains reliable. It needs to be built.”

The government argues that the United States needs to act swiftly because doing nothing to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels can be quite costly, especially due to extreme weather events associated with climate change.On Tuesday, on a visit to Inspect for damage from heavy rainfall “The country and the world are at stake,” Biden said, caused by the wreckage of Hurricane Aida in New Jersey and New York.

Some recent natural disasters have been exacerbated by weaknesses in the energy system.For example, Ida Had a big blow to the power grid In Louisiana Hundreds of thousands of people are losing power a few days.Last winter, a storm left much of Texas No electricity for days, that too.And in California, utility equipment Ignite some large wildfiresKill scores and destroy thousands of homes and businesses.

Biden wants to use tax credits to encourage the use of PV systems and batteries in homes, businesses and utilities. The government also wants local governments to get permits to build solar projects more quickly. For example, it can take several months to install a panel in a single-family home. Authorities also want to provide utilities with a variety of incentives to encourage the use of solar energy.

Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm said part of the government’s strategy was to focus on a clean electricity payment program that rewards utilities by adding renewable energy to the grid, including rooftop solar. Said to guess. Many utilities have been fighting rooftop solar panels. See the threat Rather, they want to build a large solar farm in their business that they own and manage.

“Both have to happen and the utility will be motivated to remove the barrier,” Granholm said. “We have to do a series of things.”

Biden provides an ambitious blueprint for solar energy

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